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To His Glory.

søndag 28. desember 2008

Merry Christmas!

Nja... okey då, Ingjerd.
Men eg skrive på engelsk (slapp av Marita, eg ska kje skriva langt!).
Eg ska prøva å skriva så norsk som mulig, Marianne =)
Eg e så glad i dåke! God overstått jul!

Christmas is coming
the geese are getting fat
please put a penny in the old man's hat
If you haen't got a penny, a ha'penny will do
If you haven't got a ha'penny, then God bless you

*I'm now back in Norway, settling in my parent's new house
*Difficult because of the mess that moving makes
*Difficult for all due to the fact that moving back into the role as a child (even if a grown up one) living in my parent's house is hard.
*Struggling to adapt a spirit of joyful obedience to my parents, but even more to God.
*I'm bad at obedience.
*I'm even worse at the joyful-part.
*My eyes are hurting, and swelling (next line)
*I never looked particulary chinese, but believe me, I do now!
*My eyesight is reduced. Lord open the eyes of my heart, so that I might see You.
*Christmas is celebrating the birth of Christ, our Saviour
*Nothing in my situation, past, present or future changes this fact.
*Joy to the world, the Lord is born!
*Man will live for ever more, because of Christmas Day.

*I'm presently joyfully responding to my parents command to end this post right now (of course out of concern for my eyesight). Obedience. Joyful. I have a lot to learn.

torsdag 4. desember 2008

December Update

You might have noticed that I never update my blog.
Like, I never really tell anyone what's going on... You really have to be here and watch or just know. So here I am, making a try:

~I am nineteen years, six months, 2 weeks and 1 day old today
~While writing, I live and work as an au pair in Ballyhagen in Ireland
~In 3 days my dear brother will visit me
~In 8 more days I will leave Ireland, going home for Christmas, and forever
~Presently, I'm praying for strength to go when God says "go" and then stay until He bids me otherwise.
~I'm looking forward to Christmas, confident that God will draw me nearer and nearer each passing day until I'm totally and inreversable absorbed in Him.
~I'm incredibly blessed by blogging buddies with that same goal =)
~I am TOTALLY forgiven, crucified with Him
~I have just learned, if the hard way, that if you give Satan a ride, He'll always want to drive.
~I gave him a ride by letting the telly be on all day, poisioning my mind and spirit, and in the end I assure you I had to pay. Luckily My Saviour brought these sins with Him up on the cross, and so I'm forgiven.
~I've been reading "Tramp for the Lord" by Corrie Ten Boom, it inspired me majorly
~I am presently reading "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers, the language is complex (maybe just old-fashioned) enough that I'll have to read it with a dictionary. It blesses me again and again as it emphasizes the Truths of the Book!
~I might have frightened you away from this book with my last dictionary-statement. I beg forgiveness, the book is good enough to be worth those sore fingertips from dictionary-over-use.
~I have no chocolate calendar, so I have chosen a different advent calendar; prayer and Scripture memorizing.
~I am cleansed in His blood.
~I have all my needs fulfilled in Him.
~I will follow Him, even if it means living in harmony with whining kiddos, dirty nappies, strange looks and no telly.
~Thanks for reading all this.~
I'll leave you with this.
May you doubt the blood running throught your own veins before you doubt His promises.
My love and prayers,

The Running Man with Outstreched Arms

Yes, I'm so sorry that my last post isn't "Hvit som snø" anymore. I love the picture and I love His promise, so beautifully carried out in my life. But, I have more to say:

No One Else Knows
by Building 429

My world is closing in
On the inside
But I’m not showing it
When all I am is crying out
I hold it in and fake a smile
Still I’m broken
I’m broken
Only one can understand
And only one can hold the hand
Of the brokenOf the broken
When no one else knows how I feel
Your love for me is proven real
When no one else cares where I’ve been
You run to me with outstretched hands
And You hold me in your arms

I need no
explanation of why me
I just need confirmation
Only You could understand the emptiness inside my head
I am falling
I am falling
I’m falling down upon my knees
To find the one who gives me peace
I am flying
Lord I am flying
When no one else knows how I feel
Your love for me is proven real
When no one else cares where I’ve been
You run to me with outstretched hands
And You hold me in Your arms

I have come to you in search of faith
Cause I can’t see beyond this place
Oh You are God and I am man
So I’ll leave it in Your hands

"You run to me with outstreched hands"
This is the way Jesus loves me.
When I fall and I cry, He run to me with outstreched hands.
He sweeps me up and holds me tight.
I am so fulfilled!

Much love and life abundant in The Running Man with Outstreched Arms,

Hvit som snø...

Kom, la oss gjøre opp vår sak! sier Herren.

Om deres synder er som purpur,

skal de bli hvite som snø;

om de er røde som skarlagen,

skal de bli hvite som ull.

Jesaja 1:18