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To His Glory.

fredag 16. april 2010

Just posting,

to prove that I'm still alive, and doing WELL:.
that my days are spent working at church,
sitting outside on the balcony with my head on my mom's shoulder, half asleep most of the time, and when not, we talk. And compare our hands
(she tells me hers are so old now),
but they look much the same, with almost the same ring
(inscriptions on the inside and minor details the difference)
We have dinner together, sometimes with my dad, sometimes just the two of us.....
Today I came home with my arms full of flowers,
lots and lots of wonderful smelling red roses,
white lillies,
MORE white, pretty flowers which I don't know the name of..
And being driven home from work
by this old, caring man that I work with,
away from church,
with all I could see and smell was the flowers in my arms, I think I realised
I am getting married (so now, these last 88 days, I'll know for sure)
And the weather has been so pretty, so beautiful.
Just sunny, with a clear blue sky and warm enough not to wear a jacket.
I wish there were words to describe, let you know,
just HOW wonderfully perfect my life is right now.
I suppose you won't get it if I just let out a big sigh of contentment...? No?
Well, anyways,
*BIG sigh of contentment*
åslaug abigail