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fredag 16. april 2010

Just posting,

to prove that I'm still alive, and doing WELL:.
that my days are spent working at church,
sitting outside on the balcony with my head on my mom's shoulder, half asleep most of the time, and when not, we talk. And compare our hands
(she tells me hers are so old now),
but they look much the same, with almost the same ring
(inscriptions on the inside and minor details the difference)
We have dinner together, sometimes with my dad, sometimes just the two of us.....
Today I came home with my arms full of flowers,
lots and lots of wonderful smelling red roses,
white lillies,
MORE white, pretty flowers which I don't know the name of..
And being driven home from work
by this old, caring man that I work with,
away from church,
with all I could see and smell was the flowers in my arms, I think I realised
I am getting married (so now, these last 88 days, I'll know for sure)
And the weather has been so pretty, so beautiful.
Just sunny, with a clear blue sky and warm enough not to wear a jacket.
I wish there were words to describe, let you know,
just HOW wonderfully perfect my life is right now.
I suppose you won't get it if I just let out a big sigh of contentment...? No?
Well, anyways,
*BIG sigh of contentment*
åslaug abigail

9 kommentarer:

MamaF sa...

Oh so so beautiful to have this new post from you. I can sense your happiness and i'm feeling so happy too, for you, for your dear spouse, for the Lord, oh so good with his children.
I'll be off-line for a long while, I'll miss checking in your blog, I'll miss your happiness and joy :)

I'll keep you in my prayers !


Pom Pom sa...

Hi precious girl! You are so cute! I am so happy for you and I'm thrilled that a big armful of flowers reminds you of the joy up ahead!

Rose sa...

Hello dear åslaug~you look so pretty in the photo~just full of joy!! It is such a special time for you~I remember the Joy that can only come from our Lord being so present in me during my engagement~feeling extra special somehow. Have you read about how the Jewish girls in the Old Testament took such good care of themselves during this time? It is so fascinating to read. They were preparing themselves to look their best for their husbands-to- be! You are beautiful inside and outside! I am very happy and excited for you! Please keep us posted~you are an encouragement to my daugters with your lovely writings and how gracefully you follow the path Jesus has lead you on. God bless, Rose

MamaF sa...

Aslaug thank you so so much for your comment on my blog, it lifted my spirit, and the poem you shared is so precious and your prayers so dear ! Thank you again and again. Yes we're moving quite close to you. We already lived in Finland for some months 3 years ago, and visited there many times, so we know someway what to expect, but still it's a big change in our lives.
I just have to keep in mind and in my heart that He is in charge, and everything is gonna be beautiful in His glory.

Mrs. Anna T sa...

What an exciting time this is for you. I remember those days for myself - I could hardly contain my excitement, even though it was bittersweet, moving away from home for the very first time. Ahhhh. Every moment was and is so precious.

Anonym sa...

What do you think makes a person joyful in the Lord? The joy that has nothing to do with circumstances. I see this joy in your eyes and those of your soon to be family! Obviously others see it too and that would explain why jewels has so many people visiting her blog daily even though she has not posted in quite some time. It is the peace, joy, and calm that we all sense when we visit her blog. It is what we all are searching for.
Her pictures and even more her writing brings us all a bit of peace and joy. It makes our hearts sing! :) She has links to tasha tudor and it makes me think of the saying "Take Joy", but how do we?
I so want peace. I am a christian, but I can't seem to get past the stress that comes with having an well ordered home. Your future mom in love seems to have order and joy and peace...how does she do it???
I am so happy for you. Be blessed. I am continuing to pray for you.

åslaug abigail sa...

I would say what gives joy, is a thankful heart =) And the peace and joy and calm that seems to be swirling around some people is simply the life of Jesus in their hearts, overflowing for all men to see.

amy sa...

hello aslaug,
I have read your blog sporadically for sometime now (another person who found you through the beautiful eyes of wonder...)I wanted to say hi and offer you my congratulations! You look so lovely and happy, this picture of you is simply glowing! So nice to *meet* you.


Katy~The Country Blossom sa...

Contentment. A truly wonderful thing. Your joy is making *me* smile! :) When is your wedding date? Maybe you posted it and I am just completely missing it. I am so so excited for you!