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fredag 14. mai 2010


Mm, so I never felt this good before.
And the strange thing about that? There's no visa in sight...
It could be that I went copletely OFF refined sugar, and majorly reduced my gluten intake...
It could be the spring, with it's bright, sunny, beautiful mornings...
It could be the sweet blessing of just *being* at home, with my family, resting my knee...
It could be that I am blessed beyond measure (and I mean that with all my heart)
I LOVE waking up to a wall of clouds with several holes where the golden sunshine tumbles out in it's bright, beautiful glory

I LOVE apples with peanut butter and cheese

I LOVE hugging. My mama, my dad, hearing someone say: do you want a hug?

I LOVE getting dressed up and looking pretty *just* for my family, even if nobody else will see me all day (you know, you'd do that for people you work with)
I LOVE being off sugar, and almost off gluten
I LOVE feeling WONDERFUL, physically, emotionally, spiritually
I LOVE the this beautiful ring on my right ring finger.
I LOVE writing notes and letters to my best friend
What do you LOVE??
Oh, and the "cow" in the labels is my Mindy, because I LOVED milking her.

mandag 10. mai 2010

Five Reasons to ***LOVE*** spring..

You wake up, and feel well.
The sun is shining, and you do your best (not very hard today) to shine too...
And then you go about your day,
writing letters that are so long
(and because of it, so heavy)that they cost twice as much to send out,
and you eat your mama's homemade yellow pea soup,
and you realise that even if you don't love peas,
you LOVE this soup (licking the bowl just to make a point)
and you certainly love your mama.
And then you play the piano and sing.
And you sing more, just because the echo in the tiled bathroom is so pretty to listen to,
and you come up with five reasons to love spring,
and you love spring just because it's spring,
but especially because of:

Short sleeves

Bare feet

Wild flowers

And the fact that THIS is the garden, and it's GREEN!

And your friend came over yesterday, and you made cards and sent letters and had fun =)

åSlAuG aBiGaIl

My Dad is too =) =) =)

On Wednesday, my knee was hurt
(out of the blue, without any warning),
my dad drove me to the doctor, and later when he was in the pharmacy getting my medication, he bought me pink Hello Kitty band aids =)
He put one on my knee,
*blowed on it*
and said it would be okay now that he had "bandaged" it...
And it's getting better every day.
I'm not sure if that's the sign of a *bandaged-knee-healing*,
or if it's simply a *bandaged-heart-issue*.
But I am loved, and feeling well.
And HE is
SWEET =) =) =)

søndag 9. mai 2010

My Mom is the Sweetest!!

Look what she got us!

Lovely Salvation Army Find =)

They've been sitting with baking soda water all night to get the smell out, And I made sure to disinfect them in Vinegar and water

And I scrubbed them with half a lemon sprinkled with baking sodaAnd now they're nice and clean and good smelling,

ready to jump into my suitcase at the first chance they get.

Don't they look so cute??

The two big ones say: "sukker" (sugar) and "salt"

And the little one says: "Kanel" (cinnamon)




Thanks for every prayer,

every sweet comment!!


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