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To His Glory.

tirsdag 26. august 2008

Sweet Blessings

Hello =)

I'm writing my first *long* post in quite a while, simply to tell you of the sweet blessings God have poured out on me these last days...

I am truly thankful, Lord!

Today, the sun have been shining brightly all day, I'm quite sure (I can't be certain since I haven't been watching all the time). I've enjoyed to the full being lazy, despite the fact that what needs to be done (packing down and moving out from my bedroom for four years, packing a suitcase with everything I'll need for one year, going through yard-sale-boxes-to-be, throwing away a lot and give even more to the yardsale) probably will take all night and most hours before leaving tomorrow.

I've enjoyed being *lazy* because I've realized that I might not come back here, I know for sure I won't be back in this house, and I know for certain that I will never be back to enjoy *this beautiful day*.

I have been sitting all still after making breakfast, waiting for my father to come, watching the smoke from the heat of my hot tea in a mug whirling and dancing on it's way up in the air.

I've been sitting silently on my chair, eyes closed feeling the sunshine from outside my window caressing my face with tender rays. I enjoyed every second, and in the end I woke up a few minutes later, just to find that the soon-to-set beautiful sun was still there. Smiling at me between the large pines of the wood aside my grandparents house.

I've been standing marvelling over a pan with lasagna sauce just before the point of boiling, watching fascinated as the heat lured under the surface of the sauce, eager to reach the surface and the air over it, but not yet, not yet. All of the surface of the sauce heaving, before, slowly bubbles coming to the surface. What didn't God think about when he created the art of heat and boiling liquid?

I've been walking cheerfully through the pine woods, picking occasionally blueberries alongside my path, shoving away leaf covered branches to find the magical journey continue on the path behind them.

I picked flowers from the hedge surrounding our garden. Beautiful small yellow flowers, dressed in their simple, genuine, precious everyday dresses. Sniffing in their beauty, smelling like childhood, summer and blessing sunlight.

Yesterday I enjoyed being lazy, procastinating what needed to be done, which have yet not been done, because other things seemed more eternal and precious.

I ran barefoot over the grass (and mostly moss) in the garden,

I climbed plum trees, brickwalls and crawled around to gather five boxes of lovely, summerfresh, ripe plums. Some so ripe that they fell into my hands the moment my fingers touched them. Another fully ripened, fell from the tree I was standing under, bumping into the fabric of my green full-length skirt before rolling down, landing between my feet.

I reached through the raspberry bushes to gather the two last rasberries of the year.

I sat down in the back of the garden, tasting their sweet, full taste. Praising God for providing them, resting in Him, there in the back of our garden, under the clouded, but not at all grey, sky. Taking much more than the time I perhaps should, just to sit by His feet, drinking in His peace.

I enjoyed being the house wife in our home, cooking and cleaning for my ill father. Doing my best in providing him the food and homely haven and time with his daughter he needed before she answering God's calling moves to a country far far away. Providing him with everything he would want, as he has provided for me, loved me, taken care of me, comforted me, teached me and taught me and been an example for me in all my nineteen years in this world.

I was lazy, but I will never regret it. The last three days in your home, before moving away for a long long time, selling the house and being far far away from all those you love so dearly, being able to leave them only in the confidence that you have given Him them all, and that they are in His hands, protected, provided, immensely loved and completely fulfilled, is like made to be lazy. Like made to remember, and treasure the memories, forever, and for a very long time.

Being lazy, and appreciating that my very dear and precious friend, sister and encourager, Jewels, have made her way back to the blogosphere again, after a very long time. Being lazy and reading her words of life and loving God, her day-to-day testemony of knowing and loving God, looking at the pictures of herself and her precious family, caught up in day-to-day chores, the photoes of everyday beauty. Learning from her wisdom and thanking God, for the fact that *she exists* and is everything she is and is not, to me and to everyone else.

Being lazy, writing stories to the glory of God, to understand Him better, for Him to reveal to others His signifiance, reading poetry of His beauty and singing hymns to His praise.

Being lazy have been a precious time, a wonderful blessing. I thank You Lord, My Beautiful Prince, of all my heart.

Lazyness, is truly a gift from God!
I hope you have all had a very blessed day,

lovingly åslaug

***The photos are taken about a year ago and it's the very hedge that I was being lazy and picking the flowers from, smelling them and enjoying them today, and the neighbour plum tree from which I was picking ripe plums from yesterday, one year later.

fredag 22. august 2008

I found that there was more to live for than I ever dreamed of...

“In Him we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28).
This means, simply, God is our home” *

~so what am I to say but, home sweet home?
Beautiful Jesus. I'm going home.
*Quote taken from Amy Carmichael,
in her book: Edges of His Ways