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torsdag 30. juli 2009

A Last Note...


I just want to tell all of you that I'm leaving Norway for three months (which probably isn't as long as it may sound).

My flight is Saturday morning, and after writing this I'll shut down my computer and put it in the bag.

So this is the last I write before leaving.

Thanks for reading my blog,

I won't promise anything but I hope I'll be able to post something during before I'll be back in November.



dette er altså det siste lille innlegget før eg reiser til Amerika og blir der (ei lita stund),

takk for at dåke les bloggen min.

Eg kan ikkje lova å legga ut noko, men eg håper å legga ut LITT i alle fall, før november kjem og eg er heime att.

Snart er det jul.

Eg er stort sett svært tilgjengeleg på epost, så du kan berre skriva, Marianne.

åslaug abigail

søndag 26. juli 2009

Today it's Saturday all over the world...

In the middle of a hug

(except that I wasn't able to post it until now, which is Sunday afternoon)
My sister, Ingvild, and I was standing in the kitchen today, a batch of cookies baking in the oven, sunshine outside the window, when she suddenly says:

Have you ever thought about... right now it's Saturday all over the world?


I had not. Imagine what a huge thought, an amazing reality:

other girls and sisters cooking Saturday's batch of cookies,

people writing Saturday's entry in their journals,

some going to bed a late Saturday evening,

others just greeting the early Saturday morning.

Some've got a rainy Saturday,

others have got a sunny one, like ours.

Some have got a carefree one like we have,

other's Saturday will be cloudy in despair and mourning.


So many Saturdays all in one, so many people,

such a great God watching over,

caring for,


providing for: all of them.
Oh, I'm glad I'm not the one in charge, and while we left that part to our King and Creator, we
made and ate cookies
finished a scutch (meaning the-first-copy-(in-cheap-fabric-)of-a-dress-I'm-going-to-sew)
cooked chicken for tomorrow's Tithing Chicken Salad
made daddy's home made pizza (we have two kinds in our family, mum's and dad's)
watched "Becoming Jane Austen" (which I don't recommend)
listened to country music
read and reread articles from Young Ladies Christian Fellowship
had fun
had more fun
had a jolly good time =) =)

I hope your Saturday was as sweet, beautiful and happy as ours
(I could wish you nothing better)'

onsdag 15. juli 2009

Why I kissed my telly today...

I was sitting on the couch earlier today. Taking a break after finishing a major-cleaning-and-decluttering of the bedroom I share with my sister.

While thankfully chewing away at banana, peanut butter and chocolate chips, I watched my telly. No, I didn't watch a program. We don't even get signals, we don't have television. I was simply watching the blue screen.

In the upper left corner of the screen there was a delightful image. A distant blue hill with light clouds, sprinkled with sunshine, and above it, clear blue sky. When I then turned my head to look out the real sitting room window I only saw the grey, cloudy sky, which explained the dripdrops coming down every now and then. Where did the image in my telly's screen come from? It was certainly not on my telly. Rather, it had to be in front of it.

I crossed the sitting room and sat down beside my telly. I wanted to see what my telly saw. Beside my telly I could clearly see the image on it's screen, but this time I saw it firsthand. Imagine what it must be like to be there, like, on that hill, underneath those clouds and blue sky, in that sunlight.

It dawned on me what a beautiful parable this was to the Christian life. If my telly was the Christian, it would be fixing it's eyes on Heaven.
If I then was the non-Christian, I would not be watching Heaven at all, but simply, watching my Christian telly.
Then, seeing the reflection of Heaven on my telly's face, I would want to see it firsthand, and I start walking (or rather sitting) in the same direction as my Christian telly. I would become a Christian. With the same longing as my Christian telly friend; to be in Heaven, and experience what I could now only watch from afar.

Of course, the Christian life is way to complex (in it's simplicity) to cover in the mere parable of my imagination and my telly. But I think it has got some good points.

So, well.... this is why my telly got a kiss today
(on the cheek, mind you!)