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søndag 26. juli 2009

Today it's Saturday all over the world...

In the middle of a hug

(except that I wasn't able to post it until now, which is Sunday afternoon)
My sister, Ingvild, and I was standing in the kitchen today, a batch of cookies baking in the oven, sunshine outside the window, when she suddenly says:

Have you ever thought about... right now it's Saturday all over the world?


I had not. Imagine what a huge thought, an amazing reality:

other girls and sisters cooking Saturday's batch of cookies,

people writing Saturday's entry in their journals,

some going to bed a late Saturday evening,

others just greeting the early Saturday morning.

Some've got a rainy Saturday,

others have got a sunny one, like ours.

Some have got a carefree one like we have,

other's Saturday will be cloudy in despair and mourning.


So many Saturdays all in one, so many people,

such a great God watching over,

caring for,


providing for: all of them.
Oh, I'm glad I'm not the one in charge, and while we left that part to our King and Creator, we
made and ate cookies
finished a scutch (meaning the-first-copy-(in-cheap-fabric-)of-a-dress-I'm-going-to-sew)
cooked chicken for tomorrow's Tithing Chicken Salad
made daddy's home made pizza (we have two kinds in our family, mum's and dad's)
watched "Becoming Jane Austen" (which I don't recommend)
listened to country music
read and reread articles from Young Ladies Christian Fellowship
had fun
had more fun
had a jolly good time =) =)

I hope your Saturday was as sweet, beautiful and happy as ours
(I could wish you nothing better)'

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Pom Pom sa...

What a sweet post! We had a fun Saturday, too! We had pizza for lunch. Our daughters both came over and so we had two sweet babies here, too. People napped. We had good ribs and potatoes for dinner because our son and his wife came over with two more sweet babies! We sat outside and one of our sons saw two hawks. I did not see them. We watched little CB play in the kiddie pool and she and I watched the Mickey Mouse show she likes, on Granny and Poppa's bed. She wanted to stay and sleep in Granny's bed, but she had to go home! So, Saturday was good, good, good for you and for me!
The pictures of you and your sweet sister are PRECIOUS! You have joyful smiles! I am going to mention your blog to my readers because I know they would LOVE your sweet words. You have timeless things to say! Oh! I started to watch Becoming Jane. I fell asleep - I think I agree with your opinion!