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onsdag 23. desember 2009




Have fun, enjoy life, family, music, candles, Christmas lights, good food, fellowship, prayer, love, stories read aloud, chocolate, kisses, hugs, news, and whatever makes your Christmas special...

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torsdag 17. desember 2009

Knitting and Praying...

Tomorrow, I'll be spending my day on a train.
All day.
Or, you know,
seven hours.
It's a long time.
On a train.
But I'll be knitting.
And praying.
My favourite activities (among others).
I'll be praying for a bride to be (getting married while I'm on the train).
I'll be praying for a school girl with tears on her face.
I'll be praying for a fairy grandmother and all her little treasures (and the big ones)
I'll be praying for sisters and for brothers.
And a girl my own age, in prison in Pakistan.
I'll be praying for things to come, things that have been, things that are.
Knitting and praying.

Seven hours seems a little too short, doesn't it?

LOVE is...

LOVE is... Picking up the hall.
LOVE is... Wiping off the bathroom counter.
LOVE is... Cleaning the kitchen.
LOVE is... long phone calls.
LOVE is... keeping your mouth shut when you're mad and about to say something regretable.
LOVE is... Helping with a smile, even when you'd rather be lazy.
LOVE is... Smiling to a person you don't know.
LOVE is... buying them hot chocolate.
LOVE is... The High King of Heaven born as a baby on Christmas Eve.
LOVE is... His pierced wrists and feet.
LOVE is... Snuggling up close to Him.
LOVE is... Praying
LOVE is... very very much.

Where do you see LOVE?
What do you do out of LOVE?
What is LOVE, to you?

When Christmas HURTS.

What is True,
yet so hard to remember,
just because it isn't really what happens to me?
When Christmas HURTS.
A lot of people are HURTING at the thought of Christmas.
A lot of people have lost someone they love,
and thinking of Christmas without them HURTS.
Christmas is a lot about family,
and some families HURT.
People who are HURTING
HURT others.
And When there is a lot of HURT in your family.
Christmas HURTS a lot.
Maybe you have no family.
Being alone could HURT too.
A lot of people,
might have been you one year in the past,
it might be you some year in the future.
A lot of people,
may be that lady in the store that looked grieved,
or who acted like she was in a bad mood.
It may be a child walking home from school,
with that sad look on her face.
So why should we remember?
There's nothing we can do, is there?
Well, we can PRAY.
We can SMILE FRIENDLY to the grumpy lady in the store.
We can HUG hurting/sad/even happy people we know.
and we can be THANKFUL that Christmas doesn't HURT to us.
We can LOOK UP from our own little world and see the HURT in the eyes of others
(though you've got to look them in the eye to see it)
and LOVE them.
Welcome them,
care for them.
And maybe Christmas won't hurt quite as much this year.

tirsdag 15. desember 2009

Mental Journal of Joy

Thankful All Year

Found this very neat post at ylcf, it's worth taking a look at.
The introduction made me want to read it all. What about you?

"It's been years now
since I started keeping a mental joy journal
-a running list on the things in life that made me happy,
that made my cup overflow,
that brought my heart joy and made me thankful to be alive."

So I decided that one's worth trying.
So what, right now,
makes me happy?
makes my cup overflow?
brings my heart joy?
and makes me thankful to be alive?

*a letter I received lately, that made me laugh and cry from joy
*holding a baby
*the voices of dear friends
*the thought of seeing them again
*earøy mornings up in the field
*night under the stars, with friends nearby
*the sun rising
*a little girl falling asleep next to her big brother, safe
*knitting by the fireplace, praying
*the beauty of nature, all year round
*the beauty of God's love, His blessings
*waiting in anticipation to see what wonderful things He's going to do next
*making good food, eating it together with someone
*discovering ginger and lemon tea
*making yoghurt
*reading wise words
*writing this list
*being God's

What makes you happy?


tirsdag 8. desember 2009

And... All is Well... =)

Mm, thanks a lot for
every prayer,
every *hug*,
every comment.
You all made me feel so much better.

But here's what happens:

Monday morning, I suddenly out of nowhere got a call from my mom,
she knew someone,
who knew someone
who needed help four days this week.
And I called up and got the job.
And I worked a little on Monday,
quite a bit on Tuesday,
and I have work on Wednesday
and Thursday,
and Friday.
And they might need help a couple of days in the future (as in"after Friday")
And that other work agency wanted to interview me after work on tomorrow!
I guess they're very small things,
not like food for 5000 people or a hurricane calmed down.
But they feel big.
And I was waiting.
And I was confused,
and I was worried,
my heart was troubled.
But He had not left me.
He had not forsaken me.
He answered.
Even if my prayer wasn't for world peace =)
Such a great God to care for my tiny problems!

Wow, I'm loved!

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tirsdag 1. desember 2009

'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

So, well here's the news.

I came back from America,
I quit my job while I was there (to be able to take off time during Christmas/January which I needed to). I made a deal to work for one more month.

Now, Friday, that one month was over.
Monday I called an agency to be able to work in different kindergardens (they just call when they need you to work). I'm still working on it, and the process is way bigger than I thought. I applied for a police certificate today, but it won't be here until next week, and then we need to set a date for an interview.

Which means:
no job this week, no job next week, perhaps not the week after either.
And in the end of that week I'm already at the dates where I needed time off work.

I gave this over to God a very long time ago.
Ever since I started thinking about quitting.
And He has promised He'll guide me in the way I should go.

And well, this looks like God closing doors.
I'm starting to realise that God might not be planning on me working until the middle of January...
Um, I didn't think of that.

So here's my case.
I need money. And I need a job to get that money.
And God knows it.
I'm going to be given a hard time by people I know
about my irresponsible act of not having a job when I need money.
But God knows this.

And I am going to trust Him.
Even if, right now, I don't see where that path in front of me is heading.
But I'm going to trust Him.
His promise, that He won't leave and not forsake me.
That He loves me.
That He knows what He's doing.

'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
just to take Him at His word.
Just to rest upon His promise,
just to know: thus saith the Lord.
Jesus Jesus, how I trust Him,
how I've proved Him o'er and o'er.
Jesus Jesus, precious Jesus,
oh for grace to trust Him more!

I'm singing as loud as I can,
not to hear all the voices of worry shouting to be heard around me, in me.
Oh, for grace to trust Him more!

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