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tirsdag 15. desember 2009

Mental Journal of Joy

Thankful All Year

Found this very neat post at ylcf, it's worth taking a look at.
The introduction made me want to read it all. What about you?

"It's been years now
since I started keeping a mental joy journal
-a running list on the things in life that made me happy,
that made my cup overflow,
that brought my heart joy and made me thankful to be alive."

So I decided that one's worth trying.
So what, right now,
makes me happy?
makes my cup overflow?
brings my heart joy?
and makes me thankful to be alive?

*a letter I received lately, that made me laugh and cry from joy
*holding a baby
*the voices of dear friends
*the thought of seeing them again
*earøy mornings up in the field
*night under the stars, with friends nearby
*the sun rising
*a little girl falling asleep next to her big brother, safe
*knitting by the fireplace, praying
*the beauty of nature, all year round
*the beauty of God's love, His blessings
*waiting in anticipation to see what wonderful things He's going to do next
*making good food, eating it together with someone
*discovering ginger and lemon tea
*making yoghurt
*reading wise words
*writing this list
*being God's

What makes you happy?


3 kommentarer:

Pom Pom sa...

Let's see . . . red and blue, flannel sheets, "ah ha" moments when reading God's love letter to me, the smell of trees and grass, kisses, COFFEE, walks around my neighborhood, brilliant writing, and more, more, more. I love YOUR list!

Country Life sa...

Lots of things make me happy~

*a nice phonecall from the food co-op lady who I had never met before

*flannel sheets, I have to second that one, Pom Pom! :)

*watching my toddler sleep so peacefully

*sitting next to my husband on the couch talking about our day

It's nice to count our many blessings!

~Karen in Ohio

åslaug abigail sa...

Yeah, isn't it? Doesn't it make you feel so much more blessed?
What's that song, Count your blessings, name them one by one.. count your blessings see what God has done...