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tirsdag 8. desember 2009

And... All is Well... =)

Mm, thanks a lot for
every prayer,
every *hug*,
every comment.
You all made me feel so much better.

But here's what happens:

Monday morning, I suddenly out of nowhere got a call from my mom,
she knew someone,
who knew someone
who needed help four days this week.
And I called up and got the job.
And I worked a little on Monday,
quite a bit on Tuesday,
and I have work on Wednesday
and Thursday,
and Friday.
And they might need help a couple of days in the future (as in"after Friday")
And that other work agency wanted to interview me after work on tomorrow!
I guess they're very small things,
not like food for 5000 people or a hurricane calmed down.
But they feel big.
And I was waiting.
And I was confused,
and I was worried,
my heart was troubled.
But He had not left me.
He had not forsaken me.
He answered.
Even if my prayer wasn't for world peace =)
Such a great God to care for my tiny problems!

Wow, I'm loved!

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2 kommentarer:

MamaF sa...

I'm so happy for you. And i can understand you so well. Often i feel so cared and loved, and sometimes i almost feel guilty for all the great gifts He gives me.
Sometime it's hard to wait for His timing in our life. Sometimes we start complaining or worrying or get angry right away, or we lose our patience and faith after a while, but then, when we see His work in our life, well we realize how everything is good and for good, if we let Him lead us.


Pom Pom sa...

Yes, you are so dearly loved - so completely lovable! I'm so glad things worked out! Come visit me at Pom Pom's Ponderings. You'll like my recent post! *BIG HUG*