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lørdag 29. september 2007

A loving goodbye

Hello everybody,

today I want to share the sad news of another blog leaving the blogosphere.

First it was Ingri's "Underveis"(a little while ago) who disappered, and now ******' "**** ** ******". Both for the same reasons, lack of time and the fact that internet is more than incredibly cute, loveable and special blogs to visit, knittinghelp, inspiration, a salesmarket, emails or encyclopedia of whatever subject you may search. Very sad, but also very true.

You have both been a inspiration to me and my blog, and you are both very dear to me, and I've learned a lot from you. But knowing that God will look after you and take care of you between the times I see you face to face or mail to mail, makes it a all feel a little better =)

So, thank you for the time we've shared as bloggers, for wisdom, love and inspiration.

To everyone who never got to visit them, I hope to be able to share from all I've learned, and also to say that ****** blog is still open for a little while, for those who would like to say goodbye (or hello, as you feel like) for the first time =)

Ingri, takk for at du inspirerte meg te å blogga, eg e så glad i deg!

******, thank you for sharing, the short while it was.

*Waving goodbye to both of you*

lørdag 22. september 2007

På norsk!!

-For en gangs skyld!

I dag er det lørdag... For de som ikke følger med=)
Lørdag betyr, fri fra skolen, en byrde av lekser som må gjøres i løpet av helga, husarbeid som må gjøres, godis, god mat, møte, kos, fri fra skolen, ta seg tid til å hvile, kirke, generelt fri, besøk, film, stå opp tidlig og nyyyyte at du ikke må gjøre noe som helst (da tenker jeg på å gå opp til matsalen og spise frokost) før om tre timer; lørdag er heeeerlig =) men søndag er best, da!

Denne helga har jeg besøk av fetteren min, Håvard, og vi koser oss sammen med Ingvild og Ingrid i helga =)

I går hadde vi familiemiddag med Nachos og Mossaka, med Ingrid, Åsta Synnøve (søstera til Ingrid), Ingvild (søstera mi), meg, Ida Synnøve og Håvard (fetteren min). Levende lys og stor stemning.

I dag stod jeg opp klokka seks, og rydda rommet, hørte på musikk og et kristent amerikansk radioprogram som het Defining Moments, og storkoste meg! Fikk vasket både rom og klær og brukt tid med Gud =)

I kveld skal vi se "Pride and Prejustice", dra på møte på Filadelfia i Lyngdal og jeg og Ingrid skal jogge i mørket (etter inspirasjon fra Ida, skal vi innbille oss at vi blir forfulgt av en bjørn, og dermed springe fortere). Siden vi skal springe knutsen-runden på tid i gymtimen på tirsdag må vi jo øve litt... Det blir gøy! (det blir i hvert fall litt gøyere hvis man later som) Været er overskya og grått, men vi har det jo veldig fint, da =*)

Håper at alle har det bra (lurer på hvor mange som leser dette? kanskje ingen? hmm... )
og at dere legger igjen en kommentar (det er så koselig ) Ha ei herlig helg!!! =)
Gud velsigne dere og bevare dere!!!


mandag 17. september 2007

The joyful things of a lovely, sunny, precious summer day!!

Wearing clogs...
The secrets of a pocket
Plaits =)
Taking a photo in the mirror =)
Tidying your room... (or at least think about it..)

I've had a lovely day (17/9), going to school, taking pictures, enjoying the sun and pretending to be five years old again.. Had a lot of pictures, but tecnology dosen't always do as you want, so only these pictures were uploaded.. But they're nice, though =) I'll post the others in another post, I guess (probably some time this winter, when I'm longing back to these summery days).
Now the autumn vacation will be here soon, and that will be nice, especially when thinking about that all the tests we'll get next week... *brr*
But I have a precious life, wonderful friends and a totally beautiful whether =)
I'm very thankful, and I'm very happy to know that I can praise God for all His goodness, and love, and for creating me into such a beautiful world. He is God, and I love to be His child.
God bless you and those dearest to you, may he comfort you through struggles, rejoice with you through happy times and may he be your rest and peace in every situation =)
Lovingly, åslaug

onsdag 12. september 2007

Hello =)

Just stopping by for a quick hello.
I've been having driving lesson since before seven, and almost until now (five). It's not long until I get my license now; looking forward to that. I have a little romantic dream about driving home for Christmas (playing that very song while driving). But we'll see =) The driving today was very much fun, but I was extremely tired in the end, the worst part was when I suddenly couldn't remember was I was supposed to do when turning the car.. I was VERY tired then. I'm better now.

I have visited my baby sister (she's not a baby, just younger than me, but she is my precious little baby sister all the same) who have been a little ill today, she was watching a film =) The wheather is lovely; the sun is shining bright and lovingly down from a blue nearly cloudless sky, the trees are still green. It feels like summer, only the calendar says it isn't =)
By the way I want to share my joy about being in the cloth napkin swap at Rhonda Jean's blog; http://www.down---to---earth.blogspot.com/ , really looking forward to starting to sew napkins, as that's a thing I haven't done before =) Visit the blog, it's very nice =)

And also you should visit Jewels blog (there's a link to her page to the left on this page, "A simply lovely life"). Enjoy! There's lots of wonderful blogs, family's and precious things and topics to find on the net as i've discovered lately. I've just fallen a little more in love with this internet blogging phenomen =)

The picture, by the way, is a autumn sunrise in Alaska, we had a beautiful sunrise here this morning, but it was a little different, of course =) God have spread the beauty out over all of His world, and that's a good thing =)

I will have to leave you now, as I have homework to do and a dinner to make, and of course I have to make brownies to my roommates (coming, Ingrid!!),. She thinks I'm delicious (or that my brownies are), I'm not really sure which one of us she likes best =)

Have a lovely day, all of you!

God bless you and keep you close to him!!



tirsdag 11. september 2007

Thank you!

I would like to dedicate this (very short) post to all the people in my life (online or around me physically) who encourage me so much. I don't think I always deserve it. But I want to thank you so much. For example, this blog I've made. People say; "you have such a wonderful blog! I love it!"

I must admit that I don't really listen to your exact words here. You see, when you are talking about my blog I know that it's something I've laid so much of my self in, it is my thoughts my feelings, my coulours, my design, what I like... So what I really hear is; åslaug, you are wonderful, I love you!

And likewise, when I've made something, laid a lot of myself in it, people say; wow, that's beautiful! I really hear; you're beautiful!

And I can't thank you enough for telling me I'm beautiful, I love you or that you appreciate me in pure words, either, but it all means a lot; even the way you smile meeting me in the doorway every morning. Thank you friends (online and offline) and family for cherishing me the way you do. Thank you beautiful strangers who smile and say hello when I meet you in the street.

All of these things really mean a lot to me, YOU really mean a lot to me!

May God bless you and the ones dear to you (known or unknown), may He hold you in the palm of His hand, keep you near His chest and keep you dry, happy and satisfyed after good meals. May He comfort and give you all the strength you'll need, He has promised that.

And (as I learned yesterday), we don't need to seek God, He's running after us to get our attention. You don't have to go anywhere to find Him, you don't have to move an inch from where you stand, you don't have to shout out loud to be heard (because the sky seems to be far above your head). He is there. With you, around you, behind you, in front of you, underneath you and above you; even inside you if you want Him to. You don't have to search for Him, He's right there looking at you, loving you, wanting you to turn to Him. He has always been there.



(I'd like to add that the reason there haven't been any personal photos following the posts lately, is because my computer won't link with the network, or the other way 'round. So, it means that uploading photos on the blog is a lot more work than before, so I've decided to just wait until everything works out by itself (oh yes, I believe it will!))

søndag 9. september 2007

Sunday Morning

This morning I went to a meeting together with some friends at Philadelphia. There's something special about going to church on a Sunday morning. But today it really was extraordinary. A pastor from Nigeria, Tunde Bolanta, was visiting, and he was close to God, filled with spirit. It was a very encouraging and inspiring meeting. He spoke about the power of the word of God.

When God say something; it happens. Not by coincidence, but because God's word work that way; It happens. God said; let there be light; and there was light. That's a testimony.

He also spoke about how often we trust mans word and not Gods. If a man tell you to work everyday and then you'll be paid in the end of the month, you do it. You go to work everyday, just at the word of your boss. He's your boss, but he's still just a man.

If God tell you to do something you often doubt it, and dosn't really believe it. It's strange. We know that God is so much bigger than man; He created the world, the universe, human beings and animals, it's all so incredibly huge; but He is God. So much bigger.

He is the Living God,

Creator of Heaven and Earth,

King of kings,
El Sjaddai,
The Almighty,
I am,
Alpha and Omega,
Beginning and the End,

And He loves us... Speaks to us....

Why don't we listen? And when we listen, why don't we trust what He says?

I 'm not really sure..

Later this evening I am going to babysit the son of a very good friend of mine. She's going to work, and I am going to stay at her place, in her home, tucking her littlest love up in bed, sing him to sleep, and stay there, watching over him until his precious mama comes back home to love him and cherish him. I feel so blessed to be able to do so. I love coming over to take care of her child, to be able to pray for him and his mother in their home. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill her home, take care of her and her precious babe.

I love children, love holding them, loving them, taking care of them and watch them. Every little strange expression, wrinkled noses and radiant smiles, the light of purity that shines in little childrens eyes =) And I also love helping out good friends, so doing the two at once just feel really good =)

I hope you've all had a very blessed Sunday and weekend. I hope you've been smarter than me and laid some effort down in resting and regaining strength to cope with a new weeks start tomorrow, and if not; I guess it somehow will work out for us too =)

God bless you and the ones dear to you and forever
keep you sure of His love and care for you.

lørdag 8. september 2007

Thank God it's Friday

Dear everybody,
To those of you who usually talk to me in Norwegian I want to apologise for being so international lately, I know some of you have some problems reading it (Ingrid =)). I’ll write a Norwegian post soon. In the meantime you just have to put up with it =)

Today I’ve been to school. It was nice, especially the breaks, if you see what I mean. Really a reason to thank God it’s Friday. We should thank God more. For everything we see and experience; If He hadn’t created it (or us) in the first place we wouldn’t have had it at all. Praising God is important, thanking God is also.

At about six o’clock in the evening, me and eight other girls from school went over to Rosfjord Hotell to look after children hard of hearing while their parents we’re on a seminar. It was a totally new experience for me and the others, but challenging and very much fun. The fifteen children were at age six to twelve. We got two children each to look after. I looked after two sweet girls (even sisters) aged nine and seven. They had a precious mama. We had very much fun, playing games and rolling on the school lawn, while the mama’s and papa’s we’re listening to the seminar. Afterwards we got an incredibly well tasting dinner at the hotel.

We’ll be doing this tomorrow too. Then we’re going to look after the children from eight o’clock in the morning until five in the afternoon, I can’t see how I can possibly make it, calculating in my enormous heap of homework, in addition to sewing, cleaning and laundry that have to be done. Not to mention that I am to go to a Christian meeting in the evening too. But there probably is a way, and if I lay it all in the hands of God, I am sure I’ll find it. I have loved being with these children today. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to do so. I look forward till tomorrow, I really do. Even if bringing fiftheen children that becomes deaf the second their hearing aid is off into a pool and suppose to have control, must simply must be madness. Pray for us. I think it will go well, I pray so.

Now I’ve almost fallen asleep in the very chair I sit in, so I just have to end the post here and move the last meter over to my bed. I tink I can manage that. Have a very good night, and morning and evening and everything. God is so wonderful to love us unconditional; we are completely His. Draw close to Him and you’ll see how wonderful it really feels. He is God.


onsdag 5. september 2007

Rest on Sunday

Reading the Bible

The view from my window

Some days I feel like blogging, but I don’t feel like I have anything to share. Other days I have so much to share and so little time to share it. Today is one of these days. I had a post finished that was supposed to be posted monday morning. It is about Sunday. My Sunday, which was a very nice one. Read and enjoy, and bake the cake; it’s incredible tasty!

Sunday was a lovely day. Saturday was cooking, laundry, cleaning, shopping and homework. Sunday was.... resting. Such a wonderful peace and quiet Sundays brings when you lay down your everyday work, sit down, open your Bible, spending time with God, or simply rest.

It’s not like the Sunday automatically becomes a day of peace and quiet by itself. But as the Sunday was from the very beginning a day of rest and restitution, so it becomes what it have always been if you just don’t make too many appointments to fill it.

Genesis 2:2-3: ”By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.”

So, at Sunday I rested. We had boiled eggs and warm bread rolls for breakfast, I had a nap after dinner, did some sewing, read stories from a childrens bible and read through the original text afterwards, had friends visiting for cakes and blackberry limonade. Sunday, was a precious, lovely day =)

And here’s the recipe on the loveliest chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted (takk, Marita!!!)

2,5 dl is about 1 cup


225 g vegetable shortening, melted
400 g (4,5 dl) sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla
60 g (1,5 dl) cocoa
stirred into the butter
3 eggs, one at the time
3 dl all purpose flour in the end

170 c in the owen for 25 – 30 min i 24 cm cake tin.

Bring 2 dl cream og 25 g (2 small tablespoons) butter (must be butter, not vegetable shortening) to boiling.
Stir in 200 g dark baking chocolate.
Put the frosting in the frigde

As the frosting is very thin in the beginning, you may want to put on the middle layer of frosting while the lower part of the cake is in the cake tin and then lay the upper part on top and put on the frosting on the top, before you put the whole thing into the frigde, just my experience.

Cut into to halves and put frosting in the middle and on the top. Cool in the fridge. Can be frozen.
Good Luck. Enjoy!!!

I hope your day was wonderful!
God bless you