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mandag 17. september 2007

The joyful things of a lovely, sunny, precious summer day!!

Wearing clogs...
The secrets of a pocket
Plaits =)
Taking a photo in the mirror =)
Tidying your room... (or at least think about it..)

I've had a lovely day (17/9), going to school, taking pictures, enjoying the sun and pretending to be five years old again.. Had a lot of pictures, but tecnology dosen't always do as you want, so only these pictures were uploaded.. But they're nice, though =) I'll post the others in another post, I guess (probably some time this winter, when I'm longing back to these summery days).
Now the autumn vacation will be here soon, and that will be nice, especially when thinking about that all the tests we'll get next week... *brr*
But I have a precious life, wonderful friends and a totally beautiful whether =)
I'm very thankful, and I'm very happy to know that I can praise God for all His goodness, and love, and for creating me into such a beautiful world. He is God, and I love to be His child.
God bless you and those dearest to you, may he comfort you through struggles, rejoice with you through happy times and may he be your rest and peace in every situation =)
Lovingly, åslaug

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