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onsdag 12. september 2007

Hello =)

Just stopping by for a quick hello.
I've been having driving lesson since before seven, and almost until now (five). It's not long until I get my license now; looking forward to that. I have a little romantic dream about driving home for Christmas (playing that very song while driving). But we'll see =) The driving today was very much fun, but I was extremely tired in the end, the worst part was when I suddenly couldn't remember was I was supposed to do when turning the car.. I was VERY tired then. I'm better now.

I have visited my baby sister (she's not a baby, just younger than me, but she is my precious little baby sister all the same) who have been a little ill today, she was watching a film =) The wheather is lovely; the sun is shining bright and lovingly down from a blue nearly cloudless sky, the trees are still green. It feels like summer, only the calendar says it isn't =)
By the way I want to share my joy about being in the cloth napkin swap at Rhonda Jean's blog; http://www.down---to---earth.blogspot.com/ , really looking forward to starting to sew napkins, as that's a thing I haven't done before =) Visit the blog, it's very nice =)

And also you should visit Jewels blog (there's a link to her page to the left on this page, "A simply lovely life"). Enjoy! There's lots of wonderful blogs, family's and precious things and topics to find on the net as i've discovered lately. I've just fallen a little more in love with this internet blogging phenomen =)

The picture, by the way, is a autumn sunrise in Alaska, we had a beautiful sunrise here this morning, but it was a little different, of course =) God have spread the beauty out over all of His world, and that's a good thing =)

I will have to leave you now, as I have homework to do and a dinner to make, and of course I have to make brownies to my roommates (coming, Ingrid!!),. She thinks I'm delicious (or that my brownies are), I'm not really sure which one of us she likes best =)

Have a lovely day, all of you!

God bless you and keep you close to him!!



3 kommentarer:

rhonda jean sa...

hello aslaug. You are partnered with Jewels for the napkins swap. Would you please contact me with your email and postal addresses so I can pass them on to Jewels.
Thank you : )

rhondahetzel at gmail dot com

Ingvild sa...

Hei vennen min!
Du har så fin blogg, og det er så gøy å lese her =D
Klem fra lille babysøster :)

Eyesofwonder.net sa...

Hello dear Aslaug :o)
I was so delighted to discover that we're swap partners! I am still not able to get your email address to work--every time I try to send you a letter it is returned to me as undeliverable. It is the same email address that Rhonda Jean gave me, too (and still doesn't work). Do you by *any* chance have an alternate email address that you could send to me, that I could try? It would be great if you did. Also, either way, would you email me to let me know your favorite color. Okay, I hope all is very well with you, my friend.
Lovingly, Jewels
P.S. I was so excited to be able to read (and comprehend!) a bit of Norwegian--I think, maybe. I believe that Ingvild said *little baby sister* in the end of her note to you! :o)