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tirsdag 11. september 2007

Thank you!

I would like to dedicate this (very short) post to all the people in my life (online or around me physically) who encourage me so much. I don't think I always deserve it. But I want to thank you so much. For example, this blog I've made. People say; "you have such a wonderful blog! I love it!"

I must admit that I don't really listen to your exact words here. You see, when you are talking about my blog I know that it's something I've laid so much of my self in, it is my thoughts my feelings, my coulours, my design, what I like... So what I really hear is; åslaug, you are wonderful, I love you!

And likewise, when I've made something, laid a lot of myself in it, people say; wow, that's beautiful! I really hear; you're beautiful!

And I can't thank you enough for telling me I'm beautiful, I love you or that you appreciate me in pure words, either, but it all means a lot; even the way you smile meeting me in the doorway every morning. Thank you friends (online and offline) and family for cherishing me the way you do. Thank you beautiful strangers who smile and say hello when I meet you in the street.

All of these things really mean a lot to me, YOU really mean a lot to me!

May God bless you and the ones dear to you (known or unknown), may He hold you in the palm of His hand, keep you near His chest and keep you dry, happy and satisfyed after good meals. May He comfort and give you all the strength you'll need, He has promised that.

And (as I learned yesterday), we don't need to seek God, He's running after us to get our attention. You don't have to go anywhere to find Him, you don't have to move an inch from where you stand, you don't have to shout out loud to be heard (because the sky seems to be far above your head). He is there. With you, around you, behind you, in front of you, underneath you and above you; even inside you if you want Him to. You don't have to search for Him, He's right there looking at you, loving you, wanting you to turn to Him. He has always been there.



(I'd like to add that the reason there haven't been any personal photos following the posts lately, is because my computer won't link with the network, or the other way 'round. So, it means that uploading photos on the blog is a lot more work than before, so I've decided to just wait until everything works out by itself (oh yes, I believe it will!))

2 kommentarer:

Eyesofwonder.net sa...

Coming by to send a loving hello my sweet friend. We were at Ikea, yesterday (if you are familiar with Ikea), and looking at a huge world map on canvas, they had hanging on the wall--we all gathered around it to take a look at your far away home :o) and the homes of other dear ones in distant places, that we have yet to meet face-to-face. How kind of God to bind our hearts together, even across the miles. Your blog is lovely, and you are very dear. Smiling and waving to you, from the front porch :o)
Your sister and friend, Jewels

Camilla sa...

Åh, du skriver så herlig, Åslaug! Kjempekoselig å lese denne bloggen! En oppmuntring i en travel hverdag, kan man vel si! Gleder meg til dere kommer på PitStop. Håper vi finner tiden til å treffes da=) klem