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søndag 9. september 2007

Sunday Morning

This morning I went to a meeting together with some friends at Philadelphia. There's something special about going to church on a Sunday morning. But today it really was extraordinary. A pastor from Nigeria, Tunde Bolanta, was visiting, and he was close to God, filled with spirit. It was a very encouraging and inspiring meeting. He spoke about the power of the word of God.

When God say something; it happens. Not by coincidence, but because God's word work that way; It happens. God said; let there be light; and there was light. That's a testimony.

He also spoke about how often we trust mans word and not Gods. If a man tell you to work everyday and then you'll be paid in the end of the month, you do it. You go to work everyday, just at the word of your boss. He's your boss, but he's still just a man.

If God tell you to do something you often doubt it, and dosn't really believe it. It's strange. We know that God is so much bigger than man; He created the world, the universe, human beings and animals, it's all so incredibly huge; but He is God. So much bigger.

He is the Living God,

Creator of Heaven and Earth,

King of kings,
El Sjaddai,
The Almighty,
I am,
Alpha and Omega,
Beginning and the End,

And He loves us... Speaks to us....

Why don't we listen? And when we listen, why don't we trust what He says?

I 'm not really sure..

Later this evening I am going to babysit the son of a very good friend of mine. She's going to work, and I am going to stay at her place, in her home, tucking her littlest love up in bed, sing him to sleep, and stay there, watching over him until his precious mama comes back home to love him and cherish him. I feel so blessed to be able to do so. I love coming over to take care of her child, to be able to pray for him and his mother in their home. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill her home, take care of her and her precious babe.

I love children, love holding them, loving them, taking care of them and watch them. Every little strange expression, wrinkled noses and radiant smiles, the light of purity that shines in little childrens eyes =) And I also love helping out good friends, so doing the two at once just feel really good =)

I hope you've all had a very blessed Sunday and weekend. I hope you've been smarter than me and laid some effort down in resting and regaining strength to cope with a new weeks start tomorrow, and if not; I guess it somehow will work out for us too =)

God bless you and the ones dear to you and forever
keep you sure of His love and care for you.

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