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lørdag 8. september 2007

Thank God it's Friday

Dear everybody,
To those of you who usually talk to me in Norwegian I want to apologise for being so international lately, I know some of you have some problems reading it (Ingrid =)). I’ll write a Norwegian post soon. In the meantime you just have to put up with it =)

Today I’ve been to school. It was nice, especially the breaks, if you see what I mean. Really a reason to thank God it’s Friday. We should thank God more. For everything we see and experience; If He hadn’t created it (or us) in the first place we wouldn’t have had it at all. Praising God is important, thanking God is also.

At about six o’clock in the evening, me and eight other girls from school went over to Rosfjord Hotell to look after children hard of hearing while their parents we’re on a seminar. It was a totally new experience for me and the others, but challenging and very much fun. The fifteen children were at age six to twelve. We got two children each to look after. I looked after two sweet girls (even sisters) aged nine and seven. They had a precious mama. We had very much fun, playing games and rolling on the school lawn, while the mama’s and papa’s we’re listening to the seminar. Afterwards we got an incredibly well tasting dinner at the hotel.

We’ll be doing this tomorrow too. Then we’re going to look after the children from eight o’clock in the morning until five in the afternoon, I can’t see how I can possibly make it, calculating in my enormous heap of homework, in addition to sewing, cleaning and laundry that have to be done. Not to mention that I am to go to a Christian meeting in the evening too. But there probably is a way, and if I lay it all in the hands of God, I am sure I’ll find it. I have loved being with these children today. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to do so. I look forward till tomorrow, I really do. Even if bringing fiftheen children that becomes deaf the second their hearing aid is off into a pool and suppose to have control, must simply must be madness. Pray for us. I think it will go well, I pray so.

Now I’ve almost fallen asleep in the very chair I sit in, so I just have to end the post here and move the last meter over to my bed. I tink I can manage that. Have a very good night, and morning and evening and everything. God is so wonderful to love us unconditional; we are completely His. Draw close to Him and you’ll see how wonderful it really feels. He is God.


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Eyesofwonder.net sa...

Dearest Åslaug, a loving hello :o)
I have a mile long letter that I sent out to you, but it was returned to me, as unable to be delivered. When you have a chance would you just send me a quick note with your email address in the note, so I can give it another try? I just love your blog, it's so peaceful and beautiful. You have such a lovely way and huge heart. I have been coming by to visit each day, but have only had a chance to post, today. I am grateful for each and everytime that you might be able to post, if even just a little bit, in english :o) During the busy days, here we have begun listening to *the little house on the prairie* cds, for and with the little ones each night before bed. They love it! We actually got the cds to listen to while we were traveling the somewhat significant distance, to the area we are hoping to relocate to---to look at property and homes. I'll tuck your letter away, til I hear back from you. Have a truly lovely day, dear sweet friend.
Most sincerely, Jewels