Our Little *SECRET* Up On the Hill

~Where we'll walk every step of *forever*, together.

To His Glory.

mandag 20. desember 2010

Happily happily.... and almost Christmas!

Very very random pictures from our firs 73 days of Happily Ever After.
We are well, we've had some colds, flu and stomach bugs, but we're allright. And we're looking forward to celebrating Christmas on our little hill,
in our cozy little perfect dream-house
(that, for anyone wondering is staying TOASTY in the cold weather =)
We wear Reindeerboots (both of us) and they keep our feet warm, yes toasty..
This is our "Christmassy" little house last night
All four candles now lit in the Advent wreath
Just about the nicest bedroom ever
Our bookshelf, which yes, fits all our books =)
My little kitchen, with my great-grandmother's salt, rice and spice jars.
What we do... trucking
The one day I was a housewife =) well, I always am,
I'm just out "there" with my husband most of the time.
Our puppydog, Sadie
Second picture on my camera, which was a wedding gift from my friends in Norway.
Thanksgiving, Joseph joins in in the picture
What I travelled half across the world for,
and left all I knew and loved behind for:
the best-budship and love and only-oneliness I share with my Ben.
I am beyond happy. Ben is too.
Merry Christmas.