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To His Glory.

mandag 20. desember 2010

Happily happily.... and almost Christmas!

Very very random pictures from our firs 73 days of Happily Ever After.
We are well, we've had some colds, flu and stomach bugs, but we're allright. And we're looking forward to celebrating Christmas on our little hill,
in our cozy little perfect dream-house
(that, for anyone wondering is staying TOASTY in the cold weather =)
We wear Reindeerboots (both of us) and they keep our feet warm, yes toasty..
This is our "Christmassy" little house last night
All four candles now lit in the Advent wreath
Just about the nicest bedroom ever
Our bookshelf, which yes, fits all our books =)
My little kitchen, with my great-grandmother's salt, rice and spice jars.
What we do... trucking
The one day I was a housewife =) well, I always am,
I'm just out "there" with my husband most of the time.
Our puppydog, Sadie
Second picture on my camera, which was a wedding gift from my friends in Norway.
Thanksgiving, Joseph joins in in the picture
What I travelled half across the world for,
and left all I knew and loved behind for:
the best-budship and love and only-oneliness I share with my Ben.
I am beyond happy. Ben is too.
Merry Christmas.

36 kommentarer:

Tracy sa...

What a sweet little home! Your stove is amazing, and I'd love to cook on it.

I'm thrilled to hear that you are happy and well, and Ben, too!

Katy~The Country Blossom sa...

Um, yes. Perfection. Simply beautiful perfection! :)

Your home is absolutely adorable and wonderfully cozy.

Your love shared between you both is similar to mine and my husband's. We have been married a little over 10 years now (I married at 19)...and our love has only grown. I pray yours does, as well!

Beautiful Christmas wishes to you both! xo

joolzmac sa...

What a beautiful love you have. Enjoy your first Christmas and Mr & Mrs! Best wishes,


Pom Pom sa...

I'm so happy to hear from you and I am jumping for joy because you are so blissfully happy! Hooray! The Lord is super duper good! He is! I love your house. It is beautiful, warm, full of love!
Sending all my love and warm wishes your way!

Anonym sa...

Just want to let you know how lovely and sweet you two look, and congratulations on 73 beautiful and blissful days of marriage - may they keep on coming. Oh, and, I think your house is perfect! :)


Raquel sa...

Oh, Aslaug, tears are welling up in my eyes as I write this. So happy that you are *so happy*. Isn't love grand? Thank you so much for sharing some pictures with us. I have missed you blogging so. The very merriest of Christmases to you all and the very Happiest of New Years! Much love - Raquel XO

amy sa...

so good to see you! i have been thinking about you lately, so this was so nice. you look so happy and your home is so perfect. merry christmas!

Rosemary sa...

Merry Christmas, the first of many, many together! You two look so happy and in love. Thank you for sharing a bit with us.

Dana sa...

Merry Christmas, Happy 73 days of marriage, may the days grow as well as your love for each other!!

Glad to see you post and thanks for sharing the pics!! Hope to see more!!

Anonym sa...

Hi aslaug!

I love these pictures. So nice to see you so happy!

Take care, friend.


Mrs. Anna T sa...

Your house looks just lovely! I LOVE wooden houses! I'm so happy for you, and so happy to read this update.

ingjerd sa...

åå så koselig med oppdatering :D håpe dåke storkose dåke i julo :)

gla i deg <3

elizabeyta sa...

Your home is lovely. Thank you so much for sharing.



Rose sa...

You are both so blessed by our Lord!! I love the way you have taken to being a homemaker. I am sure that you are taking good care of your new husband! You look beautiful in the photo!~Just like a new bride should look~full of Joy. God bless you both and Merry Christmas, Rose

Julian sa...

i have been waiting and waiting for your posts, daily. Whata nice present to see this! Your house looks so cozy , and made with lots of love.:) Many ,many blessings this season, and forever. You both look so entirely happy:).

Melissa sa...

Merry Christmas to you! What a sweet little home you have. Hope to see more of it. I wanted to ask you about the knitted poncho you wore to your engagement party. Did you knit it? I would love to know more about it. Blessings, Melissa

Anonym sa...

kjære åssi! kjekt å se bilder! du ser lykkelig ut :-D go jul!! -betty

Rose sa...

Hello again dear åslaug~I just wanted to stop by again to wish you and your blessed husband, Ben a wonderful Christmas!! I remember my first Christmas with my husband, Dwight and it was truly beautiful. I love you house, too! Have you been working on any quilts? Or If I remember at this time I was just getting adjusted to married life. God bless you, Rose

Anonym sa...

Your house look so nice like little house on the priarie.

Have a great Christmas and lots of love. greatings from a piassion mother


Anonym sa...

I have followed your mother-in-laws blog for awhile and then yours. I am so glad you've let us in on what you've been up too. How sweet a life you are living!!! Your house is so cozy. I too love the cook stove-jut like Ma Ingalls had!

Anonym sa...

Abigail, I have been waiting for word as to how you are both doing. It was so good to see your photos of your new married life. Your house is so cute! May God bless you and your life together. Merry Christmas!

MamaF sa...

Ohhhh !! It is so beautiful ! The house, your happiness, the love you share with your dear husband ... the house is so wonderful, truly our dream house, all the kids gathered behind me to look the pics :)and my husband too !
I'm sure you have had a wonderful happy Christmas. I take the chance to wish you a very very happy new year too.


Anonym sa...

Dear Aslaug - and Ben, too,

Thank you for sharing some pictures of your new life together. It is such a privilege to be invited into the circle of new love, hopes, and dreams with you two - and your joy radiates and makes me so happy!

May you always be blessed with the love and joy that surrounds you now!


PS How about posting some of the wedding pictures, too? :-)

Mrs.Rabe sa...

Aslaug and Ben -

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Your home is delightful and I can tell you are blissful in your marriage. That is a gift from God!

Be safe on the roads....

Cathy sa...

I just LOVE your blog. The pictures you posted are beautiful...I love your warm and cozy home. Please pos some pictures of the outside when you can.
Happy New Year and blessings,

Anonym sa...

Aslaug and James (Ben)
So nice to see these wonderful pictures of your cozy, new home. It is beautiful. We too have been plagued with head colds, and stomach viruses this winter, but we managed to still have a wonderful Christmas. It is very nice to see you as you begin your lives together, especially since I followed you on Jewels' blog before you were married!
Stay warm.

Anonym sa...

Dear Aslaug, Merry Marriage and Happy New year. Your home is so very beautiful. Thanks for your time and sharing your joy with us. The Lord's many blessings for you and Ben. By His Grace, Cynthia

Marianne sa...

Kjære Åslaug.

Godt nyttår! Eg håpar dykk for eit nydeleg år.

Stor klem frå innesnødde Marianne. Eg skulle hatt ein traktor.

Anonym sa...

Åslaug!! ÅÅÅh, for et koselig hjem, likte spesielt soverommet! Går det bra med dere?? har lyst til å besøke dere snart! Håper dere hadde en fin jul? Glad i deg! savne deg (og browniesen din!;) klem Ingrid

Jen sa...

Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your happy home! It's so sweet and cozy!
Question for you: how do you make up a cozy bed? It looks like you have a duvet that's just the size of the top of the mattress. Why is that? What other blankets/sheets do you use? My feet are *freezing* every night and I wonder, "how does one make up a toasty bed?!!"

Hannah sa...

Your home is sweet and I like your little white stove with the shelf.
I hope we get to meet in person someday,

Paula sa...

Aaslaug, I am so happy for you and Ben. I have gotten to know you just a bit through Eyes of Wonder. My husband and I were married in Denmark and then traveled for 2 months. One month was spent in Norway where we eventually reached my husband's ancestral home near Tromsoe. We stayed in a little hytte that looked very much like your new home. I pray that God continues to bless you in this wonderful life. Reading your blog today has made me very happy.

åslaug abigail sa...

Jen: Freezing at night? I know just what you mean =) But I figured out how to avoid it. I pulled the cotton bedding off of our bed, put on wool blanket underneath us as a sheet and one wool blanket between us and the icy cold comforter. No more dying-from-cold-while-warming-up-the-bed... Oh, and it also helps to keep a warm husband next to you, whom also volunteers to get up and stoke the fire during the night =)
And about the comforter that is the same size as the bed? Nope, what you see is a futon bed, a queen size comforter and a king size comforter cover, don't ask =)

Cathy sa...

It's always so nice to see a post from you. Your blog is so great!!

What a great idea to do to help keep your bed warm.
Something you might want to think about are flannel sheets...we LOVE them. So warm and cozy.

Do you all have electric heat or only use your fireplace/woodstove?

Please think about posting pictures of the outside of your home soon...I just love your home.

Blessings to you,

Julian sa...

missing you in your posts:) christina

Forget Me Nots Design sa...

Hi, I came over here from Eyes of Wonder and have enjoyed visiting here from time to time before. I just wanted to say that I am so happy for the blessings God has given you in your new life in America. I hope that you aren't too homesick. God was my matchmaker too and I only moved 850 miles, but I moved somewhere I never wanted to live... and that's how I knew it was a true love from God when I happily did that. The homesickness gets better in time and then there are the joys of visits back and forth. I do think that it really helped us cement our relationship in those first couple years alone - it was mostly just us and God and we learned to depend on Him and each other and it made our bond tight. Twelve years later the love has grown and changed but I have never had regrets and it just keeps getting better! God bless you in your journey. I hope you have time to blog soon. We all enjoy it! :-)