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torsdag 17. desember 2009

Knitting and Praying...

Tomorrow, I'll be spending my day on a train.
All day.
Or, you know,
seven hours.
It's a long time.
On a train.
But I'll be knitting.
And praying.
My favourite activities (among others).
I'll be praying for a bride to be (getting married while I'm on the train).
I'll be praying for a school girl with tears on her face.
I'll be praying for a fairy grandmother and all her little treasures (and the big ones)
I'll be praying for sisters and for brothers.
And a girl my own age, in prison in Pakistan.
I'll be praying for things to come, things that have been, things that are.
Knitting and praying.

Seven hours seems a little too short, doesn't it?

4 kommentarer:

Pom Pom sa...

I love your knitting and I love your HEART! I find great encouragement in your prayer plans! (o:

Anonym sa...

Hello åslaug! I found you while visiting pom pom's blog. Are you the same åslaug who is a friend of Jewels and her dear family (Eyes of Wonder blog)?

I'm so glad I found you, I am enjoying reading your beautiful blog.

God bless,
love, Tina xx

Pom Pom sa...

Hi again, dear åslaug!
I love your prayer! THANK YOU AGAIN!
Where did you go on the train? Can we see how much knitting you finished? We had three grandgirls here last night. It was fun! Today, rest, shopping, cookies, peace. Lovelovelove!

åslaug abigail sa...

Pom Pom:

Oh, I'll make it a project to upload a photo of my knitting, it's getting HUGE! Tough, it's nothing more than expected when you knit for fourteen hours straight (I mean 7 and 7 at least)..
LOVE hearing about your day!

I'm the girl =) So glad you enojoy my blog, I sure enjoyed yours too, now that I found it =) (and your blog domain make me hungry =)