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onsdag 15. juli 2009

Why I kissed my telly today...

I was sitting on the couch earlier today. Taking a break after finishing a major-cleaning-and-decluttering of the bedroom I share with my sister.

While thankfully chewing away at banana, peanut butter and chocolate chips, I watched my telly. No, I didn't watch a program. We don't even get signals, we don't have television. I was simply watching the blue screen.

In the upper left corner of the screen there was a delightful image. A distant blue hill with light clouds, sprinkled with sunshine, and above it, clear blue sky. When I then turned my head to look out the real sitting room window I only saw the grey, cloudy sky, which explained the dripdrops coming down every now and then. Where did the image in my telly's screen come from? It was certainly not on my telly. Rather, it had to be in front of it.

I crossed the sitting room and sat down beside my telly. I wanted to see what my telly saw. Beside my telly I could clearly see the image on it's screen, but this time I saw it firsthand. Imagine what it must be like to be there, like, on that hill, underneath those clouds and blue sky, in that sunlight.

It dawned on me what a beautiful parable this was to the Christian life. If my telly was the Christian, it would be fixing it's eyes on Heaven.
If I then was the non-Christian, I would not be watching Heaven at all, but simply, watching my Christian telly.
Then, seeing the reflection of Heaven on my telly's face, I would want to see it firsthand, and I start walking (or rather sitting) in the same direction as my Christian telly. I would become a Christian. With the same longing as my Christian telly friend; to be in Heaven, and experience what I could now only watch from afar.

Of course, the Christian life is way to complex (in it's simplicity) to cover in the mere parable of my imagination and my telly. But I think it has got some good points.

So, well.... this is why my telly got a kiss today
(on the cheek, mind you!)


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Pom Pom sa...

I had to read this post three times to really understand your parable. When people who don't know Jesus see Jesus in us, they see something holy and otherworldly, but they don't really get it until they desire Him themselves and enter into a relationship with Him. Is this what you meant? You are SO right - a life of following Jesus is so simple, mysteriously simple. I think I'd kiss my telly, too. Did you already go to America and come back again? I am half Norwegian, but I have not yet visited your Norway.

åslaug sa...

That's what I meant =) It's sometimes hard to write out your thoughts in a language that other's will be able to understand, simply because the way to understand things will always be different in different minds... I'm trying. I'm glad you understood =)

I haven't left yet =) I'll be in Norway for 15 more days.

Pom Pom sa...

Hello! Hello!
Please don't think I didn't understand your parable because you didn't communicate it well - it was me! Sometimes I jump to quick conclusions and miss the point! YOU are a fantastic, deep writer! I LOVE your sweet suggestions for LOVE that you contributed to the question: How to Love. YOU are wise beyond your years! Where are you going when you come to America? I remember when you visited Jewels from Eyes of Wonder. Is that where you are going again? My relatives are from Flekkefjord and moved to America over one hundred years ago because the family farm wasn't big enough to support everyone. My parents have been to Norway (Dad's the one who is 100% Norwegian) and they loved getting to know the relatives. I would like to go someday, especially if Norwegians are as amazing as you are! I love your heart for others and I think your relationship with Jesus is SO encouraging!

ingjerd sa...

åslaug du e SKJØNN :D

åslaug sa...

Oh, my sister helped too on answering the how to love question =)Yes, I'm going to Jewels and her family again!
I lived for three years in Lyngdal, half an hour away from Flekkefjord. But that was when I went to a boarding school, so I don't live there anymore, but I have friends there that I visit =)Do you know a closer name than Flekkefjord, or were they just from there?
Sorry about all the questions, I think old things, ancestors, farm history and such is SO interesting =) =)

I'm so glad you visited here =) it's been such a joy to write back and forth! You've really been an encouragement to me!

ingjerd sa...

Åslaug, du e SKJØNN :D

Pom Pom sa...

I don't know Jewels (only from her absolutely GORGEOUS blog) but I remembered her cute photos of your visit and I think that's how I linked to your blog. How do you know her? Are you friends with her sweet daughters? I think it is so wonderful that you are going there and I hope Jewels isn't too busy to post some of the fun on her powerful blog! I'm pretty sure that F-fjord (hard to spell!) is the only place that the relatives we know of have lived. They came to visit my parents (there were two families) and they are very modern. They liked shopping in the USA. The favorite Norwegian stories my mom told when she came back had to do with their walks in the woods, the way my cousin (I guess!) would get on her bike, put her baby on the back, and bike UP HILL through a rain storm all the way to the market. Wow! Also, the lovely meals that she prepared for them and how she invited so many guests to the dinners. They went to the church that my great granny's relatives attended and went to the little cottage where the original homestead was and the old man who lived there served them a lovely lunch with fresh strawberries and everything. I do not know if they are walking with Jesus. I do know they don't attend church. Tell me what you think of modern Norway? I love your sense of humor and I find it encouraging that you are so quick to laugh! I'm so happy to know you!

åslaug sa...

Ingjerd: =)

Pom Pom:
That I know Jewels is a true Godincidence (as in "not a coincidence, but carefully planned by a very loving, very real God" =)We've been mailing back and forth for a long time and I've just visited her family that one time on the blog.
Biking uphill in a rainstorm to the market with a baby on one's back, sounds indeed VERY Norwegian =)

I think modern Norway is on it's way over the edge, to be honest. It's a very good country to live in in many ways. Like you'll always be brought to a hospital and get help if you're ill, without paying anything (it's all on taxes). We've got beautiful nature, wages are high, standard of living very high. Most people will have much money, even if they think themselves middle class, education is as good as free, most people are well educated. On the other hand, schools will be extremely little disiplined, most kids will be put in kindergarten from 1 year old, from 7.30 am - 4.30pm, many will stay in school about the same time till they're big enough to home alone. Drinking is what people do at the weekends. Most ages, most classes. Family is little valued, people will be little friendly unless they know you(of course, we've got exceptions). You won't get to know people unless you go to work/football etc. with them. You'll have to know people for like a year before you can visit them at home. Small talk is not normal. So it's a hard country to live in if you haven't already got a network/a family already. People excist as individuals rather than a group.
(Now this is based on my personal opinion, based on my own experience living in Ireland and a little in America/friends of mine from other countries that have lived in Norway. MANY people would probably disagree.)

I like that we're a rich country, a beautiful country, and that very few people in Norway have to worry about their future. But I think we lost something on the way, values like family and friendliness, and love to strangers. Though, this is probably true for many western countries.

Pom Pom sa...

Interesting. Sad. Don't you think this is the way of the lost? I know for me, at school when I am teaching, I feel a great sense of fear among my coworkers. The fear causes a retreat and who can feel love when such walls are put up? I agree with you . . . something gets lost along the way when success is over valued and depth in relationships is under valued. Soon you will be leaving on your trip! Are you excited? I hope you have a wonderful time! It's hot here in America. Everyone is trying to cool off! I hope all is well with Jewels and her family. She hasn't posted on her blog for such a long time. I think many people miss her little glimpses of Jesus on the web. You should post more! You are a good writer. Thank you for your heartfelt information. You have a fine tuned intuition and a wise heart. Thank you so much for answering my questions. Visit my blog. The post titled "You May Wish to Remove Your Shoes" is a video with some USA photos and a lovely song you probably know and like!