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onsdag 11. november 2009

News From Sleeping Beauty

I'm back in my old kindergarden/day care center. The children seems to have been concerned about the way of sleeping arrangements "over there".

We were sitting by the table, drawing the other morning. The three little girls were drawing magic stairways and beds, so I was drawing a wooden bed with a quilt on.

A co-worker of mine (to the children):

Oh, åslaug is probably drawing the bed she was sleeping in in America.

A little blonde haired girl leans over to look at my drawing, her eyes big:

Woow, could you sleep over there???


And then yesterday one of the boys approached me, crawling all over a stack of mattresses:

On the farm (they know I stayed on a farm in America), did you sleep with the animals?


-Why not?

-Well, they had beds in the house...


Short pause while his little brain was processing this new information.

-Not even with the cow?

-No, the cow slept outside.

-Oh. And not with the dog?

I wonder what they've been told about farmgirls?

Working all the time, no time for sleep,

and if such a thing as a nap should ever occur it has got to be next to the cow?

I have fun talking to them though, they are SO CUTE... and, seriously concerned!


I'm going to bed,

I'm back to the life where it's all about

the battle for getting enough of this wonderful thing: sleep!


åslaug abigail

6 kommentarer:

åslaug abigail sa...

Oh, and in the picture is my beautiful and faithful companion, Mindy, whom I would most definitely choose if I ever had to sleep next to a cow =)

Country Life sa...

Kids say/think the funniest things!!! You just never know what they will say next. :0)

~Karen in Ohio

We live near a farm..they are harvesting feed corn this week. My toddler loves tractors and likes to watch them. It's fun living on a farm with all sorts of animals.

Marita sa...

Ungar e herlige og =) Dei seie så masse løgne ting :P

Pom Pom sa...

Are you happy at the day care center/kindergarten? They are very blessed to have you! When does your sister come to visit? I can't wait to see the pictures she took! Are you feeling fine?

Ingvild sa...

Så koselig =)

Arleen says hi =)
Arild har forsovet seg, så vi har fri mens vi venter på at han skal komme på skolen =P
En helt vanlig da altså.
Du vet hvordan det er...

Love you!

ingjerd sa...

så bra at du e frisk igjen :D ungar seie mykje rart ja :P eg saknar deg!