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søndag 12. oktober 2008

A strange thing to do…

With the Creator of the Universe by my side,
can you imagine they call it alone?
With His stars and moon, His face shining upon me in grace,
can one possibly call it the dark?
Walking with He who made me and knows me and loves me the best,
How can you call it strange?
With the warmth of His arms around me, His hand closed around mine,
Is that what is referred to as cold?
Spending time with He who made time, in the early morning of our love together,
Is that late?
Pouring my heart out to Him who is nearest to me and always will be,
If this is what you calling a strange thing to do, walking alone in the dark, late at night.
By all means, I am guilty.
But that is not the way I would put it.

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Camilla sa...

Godt sagt! Herlig, rett og slett=)