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lørdag 8. november 2008

12th Day of the Challenge

Jeremiah 34-36
What it meant to me:
Jeremiah speaks to the king while his city is attacked by all countries and kingdoms known to him. I think I would have been quite uneasy by the thought of going with a message (and not very good news either) to the king of the country when the city was being attacked. But still. Jeremiah fears God more than the King, the warriors attacking, the panic that must have been and all other things.
God is angry because of Israel’s broken promise to Him. They sat all slaves free and it was right in God’s eyes, but after a while they took them back and dishonoured God’s name. It reminds me of how easy it is to recognize sin in one’s life, repent and then go straight back into it afterwards. And this is then even more dishonouring…
Jeremiah is told by God to go and meet with some men who were true to their father’s command and obeyed his commands in everything. God uses them as an example of how the Isralites should have responded, but didn’t, the people of Israel wasn’t true to God. God rewards the obedient men for their obedience.
.Jeremiah was asked to write down all the words God had spoken to Him in a scroll, and so he did. He asked the scribe to read it aloud in the Temple on a day the people was fasting. When it happened, the king asked to hear the scroll read, and he burned it and tried to arrest Jeremia and the scribe. But the Lord hid them. This reminds me of the fact that God is the God of the impossible and that dangerous situations isn’t more than He can manage, not at all.

Peace to you,

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Ingvild sa...

Jeg skal tilstå at jeg ikke har lest alt, men jeg synest jeg må være tilgitt ettersom jeg har ligget syk i 10 dager (iallfall ifølge kontaktlæreren min, som allerede har gitt meg fravær for i morgen-bare for å være på den sikre siden).
Men jeg måtte bare si at tittelen "12th day of (the) callenge" minner meg om en sang med nesten samme tittel...
Så det var min usaklige og totalt irrelevante kommentar til det jeg er sikker på er veldig gode og tankevekkende..eh..tanker.