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tirsdag 10. februar 2009

Sweet February Morning

I woke up this morning from my alarm clock,
after turning it off about six times, in between dreaming of being around beloved people in far-away-places, I opened my eyes.

Six o'clock.
The view outside was simply beautiful. Snow fell yesterday, and in the dark of morning and glimps of lights from the shopping centre the hills were shining. Such a pretty gift to receive when you just woke up =)

What you see if you look out the sitting room window

I put on my apron (yes, of course I got dressed first)
sneaked upstairs and made a batch of muffins. I cut oranges, pears and apples, I made coffee, my father made bread (in the bread-baker, so it was just to pop it out). In other words, I made breakfast. I lit the candle and listened to "Fairest Lord Jesus" while working away by myself.

I did the dishes. By hand.

Tasting the first muffin, yes, it was quite nice, never mind my expression =)


The kitchen this morning, my mother is hiding (or reading)

After walking my mother to work, I stood for what felt like an eternity in the snow enjoying the sight of beautiful snow covered hills, drizzeled with morning rays giving them a slightly blushing pink color.

I thanked God, for the beauty, for all my beloved ones, praying for them and for me, singing to Him, smiling, silently conversing with Him. Knowing that I don't have the answers, thanking Him that He has.

I walked home, trying to be frugal by not buying colored paper for a birthday card-to-be, and again when the yarn store (I was planning to knit a few dish cloths) was closed till ten o'clock.
Now, I've been alone in my house a few hours.
I am the only person here, the only living thing (except for plants, which there are plenty of).
I might be the most noisy person of my house
(which says more of the rest of the household than of me),
but in myself, I've discovered I make very little noise at all. So it's quiet.
Me and my father's Yucca palm

Who's doing the dishes?? Mmm, excactly...

But she's doing a good job =)

Dishes go quickly. But I do them alone.

Talking is non-excistent. Who should I talk to?
I read aloud, I pray out loud, I play music. I sing.
Loneliness is lonely. I miss beloved noisy people, in beautiful noisy far-away places.
But I would rather miss them for the rest of my life, than never meeting them... And I will see them again.... soon.
God is so good, so loving, such an expert at removing the all-consuming feeling of loneliness. Such a perfect friend. So good at removing worries, anxiousness, troubles and hurt from my heart and instead fill it up (to overflowing) with peace. Perfect peace.
He is so precious. I love Him so much.
He is where you are, as you read this,
watching over you,
kissing the top of your head.
Whispering I love you,
and I thank Him for that.

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

What a joy to find you here this fine winter's morning, smiling, making breakfast, doing the dishes--by hand (solo at that--hey!Chubb was all a-marvel. you know how much help *he* needs ;o), and peeping out through the lovely in-house greenery. So far away, but so much the same :o).

Tears of joy and thankfulness, in the midst of rememberance. Yes, much better to all miss each other for the rest of our lives than to never have shared the sweetness that we've been blessed to know. And, how thankful for those ten days so precious, to hold in our hearts for always, even if for some reason we were never to be blessed with such of the same ever coming 'round again.

*But*, I can't but feel/and hope in my heart that it surely will come our way again, one day, Lord willing. And Lord, if so, may you please see fit to let it be soon. :o)

I should have sent you off with a diaper pin (but...would they have let you on the plane with it?? perhaps not ;o) so that you could (in honor of Sophia, Aimaija, and Celeisa) have made a lovely diaper-pinned bonnet out of the vintage dish towel ;o) ;o) Why didn't I think of that, while time still remained?? sigh and a big grin... forgive me? ;o)

We're missing you, sweet åslaug. Thank-you, for blessing your lives, immeasurably, and for making our day, today!

Tenderly, Jewels-for each and everyone that loves you, here.

A loving hello to your dear mother and father, too. And again, many thanks to them, for so kindly saying yes, to your coming.

SamanthaMarie sa...

I'm so glad that you can find the beauty in some freshly fallen snow. I've simply gotten to the point where the cold weather and snow is a bother! :P

What a beautiful post my dear friend. It must be an interesting experience to go from one extreme of busyness to the extreme of solitude and quiet. I'm glad you are figuring out ways to fill the quiet by praying aloud, reading aloud, etc. It paints a very moving picture.

I quite enjoyed the ending to your post, imagining the Father kissing the top of my head was quite a beautiful picture in my mind :)

Lillesøster =) sa...

"På land og hav min sak er klar, hvor Jesus er jeg himlen har" =P Jeg kom til å tenke på den når jeg leste slutten på innlegget ditt :P
You're so very very cute, and funny, and I miss you a lot! Seeing those pictures doesn't help, I can clearly imagine your laughter while hiding behind that dish towel! If you'll come and visit me, well do my dishes together, and then I'll come home, and we'll do those together as well! =)
I'll go and call you right away!
Snakes, som de sier her ;P

Anonym sa...

Aslaug, thank you for writing these blog entries in English. I'm just a girl like you (well, a couple af years older:)who finds much comfort and encouragement in reading them from time to time. God bless you!