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fredag 20. februar 2009

What I have learned today...

(I'd love to illustrate this with updated pictures, but unfortuneately and by accident I broke my mother's camera beyond repair (sorry, mum) and this is not the appointed time to buy a new one.)

* When you joke about a passing cat to be a tiger, you might suddenly realise it was really a lynx.

* When you get very excited (from like seing a live lynx ten meters away from your breakfast table), people (here I refer to my one and only beloved brother) grow tired of it and start teasing you (like referring to a small black lynx called "kitty").

* Dishes should be done before people see them, at least before they've finished dinner. If you haven't done the dishes, people won't get that you love them. No matter what you say or do.

* The word "defile" means spot, stain or pollute and is in use in Markus 7:20-23 (in KJV and NKJV that is)

* My mother likes to teach me things (and is the only one who jumps up from a comfortable chair and a good book to find an English grammar to tell me how I use "whom" in English)

*Sewing a broom skirt may very well take three days or more (especially when you just pull yourself together enough to sew one part a day and you have four of them)

* A letter doesn't write itself.

*Even if you do something fun (like tidying/unpacking/organizing your room) you will eventually get tired after a few hours of work

*Chocolate-chip-cookie-sandwiches-with-ice-cream-in-the-middle DOES taste heavenly when you're up in the middle of the night having fun and writing a blog post.

*Base your decitions on facts and not feelings

*God is so beautiful

*God is good

*Abide with me is a hymn with much meaning.

*There is a time for everything, and THIS is the time for going to bed

(and get up early in the morning to make your precious mommy pancakes for breakfast)

Sleep tight people,

much love,

åslaug abi

5 kommentarer:

ingjerd sa...

den videoen va veldig morsom:P hehe

Sarahlcc♥ sa...

Thank you for sharing your precious and beautiful life with us ~ I have followed the link Jewels left on her sight to you. I sat, and read, then the song "Search Me" came on your mp3 player, and I cannot stop listening, and listening, and listening, over and over and over. Such a rare and wonderful song. I'll soon haste to the piano, I must learn, and sing, and eventually share with all the congregation. I've been wondering, what to sing? what to play? I had no leading, no desire to use the gifts, latent for a season, but now ~ perhaps this is a *new* beginning.
*smiles* to you from across the many miles.

Marita sa...

Åslaug :D Eg savne någen oppskrifter eg :) Å så savne me deg på nobelis! =)

Abigail @ Pearls and Diamonds sa...

A Lynx? Yikes! That makes me think of the time I came face to face with a bobcat. I didn't know what to do staring into his yellow eyes from five feet away so I waved my arms and barked. Apparently he thought I made an appalling dog, since he ran away.

Is your middle name actually Abigail? I just noticed that on the comments you left on our giveaway...:) I wish we could have given a copy of the book to everyone! Hope you are enjoying the Lord today!


Abigail @ Pearls and Diamonds

Amy Ellen sa...

I enjoyed your post. I found the link on Jewels blog. I will be back to visit again. Thanks for sharing.