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søndag 12. april 2009

Sorrow in the midst of JOY!!

Christ has risen, just as He promised He would.

This is a day of celebration, a day of joy and worship. The day all our hopes were fulfilled!


The carpenter who said He was God, who two days ago were turned in and crucified. The disciples' leader, whom they had put all their trust in, left everything for.... crucified? How forsaken they must have felt.

But He truly was the Son of God, His resurrection proves it.

He is Christ the Lord.


Still, this doesn't prevent sorrowful things to happen around Easter. Sometimes they do.

God is not too busy, celebrating the resurrection,

to care for those whose world comes crashing down.


God is not like me in the kitchen. He doesn't turn around for a moment busy with other things, to suddenly realise, as He comes back, that the soup is boiling over.

Not even on a busy day.


Our God is in control.



It is not like if He had too much to do with the earthquake in Italy to realise that

while He was gone

something went terribly wrong in the lives of our friends,

in the middle of losing their beloved daughter these days.

It is not like He does not care. It is not like He does not know.

He knows, and He cares.

Christ died, while we were still sinners, so that we (and our old lives) could be buried with Him, and today, He rose, that we may also rise with Him with our new lives.

Lillian is risen with Him.

We know that and we believe that.


In all our grief and tears and sorrow, He is there.

Saving us, today and all days.

He is our steadfast rock, the One we cling to in our heartache,

in our compassion,

in our pain.

For who is God save the LORD? or who is a rock save our God?

Psalm 18:31 (KJV)

(it is verse 32 in the Norwegian version)

There is a reason for that the cross around my neck is empty....

Christ has risen!

Praise Him!!



Spend some time on your knees in prayer for those who struggle this Easter,

if and as the Lord brings it to mind,


"The LORD is close to the brokenhearted

and saves those who are crushed in spirit."

Psalm 34:18

(19 in Norway)

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Sarah sa...

These sorrows and joys do seem to come so mixed, one cannot have one without the other, a taste of glory and longing. You are blessed. :O)