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onsdag 23. juni 2010


Happy Birthday to you,
you live in a zoo,
you look like a monkey,
and you smell like one too!

(sung with nothing but feelings of love and adoration
on the occasion of my most beloved Piggy-Piggy-Piglit's nineteenth birthday!!)
sister you could EVER dream of. *
I always said I wouldn't marry until I found the male version of her.
She's THAT wonderful =)
(and I did find a man that matched her wonderfulness and only-oneliness)
* She's always been my bestest friend, my favourite play mate,
she acts the big sister when I don't,
she's the baby sister I get to comfort.
*I've been IN LOVE with her since the first time I saw her,
square-faced, pink n' pretty,
laying in that tiny hospital bed, with her little pink teddy bear beside her
(rightfully named "Rosa", meaning PINK),
I was two years old and touched her very carefully, just as instructed.
She was the CUTEST.
She IS the cutest.
I was a little mad, I'll admit, when I showed her my beautiful ballerina paper dolls I had cut out myself, and she grabbed them (like three year olds can) and banged them on the table, attempting to make them dance like I could.
But, hey, that's a long time ago now...
She tells me my house will be filled up with paper when I have little children,
because I can't bring myself to throw away the tiniest piece of paper that SHE has written on,
HER sweet little drawings of princesses or beagels with hats.
HER little yellow chickens.

She is so precious to me. So beautiful when she's asleep.
And she's growing into a hardworking,
accomplished little homemaker,
and I can't wait to see who that lucky guy will be!!!
Happy birthday, Ingvild! I'm so glad God made you.

Aller Käraste Syster!!


åslaug abigail

9 kommentarer:

Marianne sa...

Gratulerer så mykje med dagen til Ingvild!

Pom Pom sa...

Oh, my goodness. You are the loveliest older sister ever. I think I was mean to my little sister (it took me a while to get over my jealousy) but then she became my Piglet, too. Oh, you have such a sweet way of adoring people. Your hubby-to-be is so blessed to receive your love forever. Praying for the visa. (BIG GIGANTIC HUG!)
Happy Birthday to Piglet!

Rose sa...

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag zu Ihrer Schwester. Ich kann von Ihren Schreiben und von Abbildungen sehen, dass Sie beste Freunde sind. Gott segnen Sie und Ihre Schwester an solch einem speziellem Tag. Rose

P.S. I really wanted to write this in Norwegian but my German is much better! Have a wonderful birthday party with your sis!

Anonym sa...

Yes, I remember my sweet little brothers (all grown up now!), so little and cute ~ best friends and playmates.

Happy Birthday!

Katy~The Country Blossom sa...

Happy Birthday to your sweet sister! :) What a beautiful post your wrote of her! :) I, too have a younger sister...2 years younger than myself, as well. :) They are such a blessing!

Miriam sa...

Gratulera me dagen Ingvild :D

MamaF sa...

Oh how wonderful the feelings you and your dear sister share, I hope the same for my own kids.
Happy birthday to your sister dear Aslaug, you're such a lovely girl.

I'm praying for you !


Mrs. Anna T sa...

What a wonderful, touching happy birthday post! You and your sister are both so lucky to have each other!

Rosie sa...

Happy Birthday Ingvild!
You are a wonderful, sweet, lovely girl.
We love you so much and miss you.
oxoxox, Rosie ( for the rest of the Clan :))
P.s Remember, you ARE 19, just keep saying it over and over......