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søndag 15. juli 2007

Blessed Blessed Rain

Today it's saturday.

It has been a truly lovely day. It's been raining all day, but I can't say that I dislike it. That might be halfway from the fact that I was supposed to be trimming the hedge, which I couldn't do when it was raining, but it was nice in other ways too... =D

For an example on rainy days you can:

* run down a hill in the rain, laughing along with your sister

*do fun indoor things like making a little cabin between two chairs and under a blanket
*sewing a skirt from an old pair of jeans, or an apron from fabrics received from your grandmothers treasure chest of a house..

*baking a yellow and juicy pioneer corn bread

*go to the shop to buy peanut butter, just to find out that they don't sell it anylonger, just to buy almonds instead and make your own almond butter =P

*Shaking whipping cream in a small glass until it becomes butter, salt it and taste it on freshly baked pioneer corn bread...

*Listen to your sister reading aloud from a Harry Potter book

*Visiting your grandfather and read the newspaper by his kitchen table

*or you could simply sit in the window sill watching the rain and hear its drops dripping from the roof..

Rain is such a blessing, making the whole world green, wet and lovable.

Thank God for your constant, countless everyday blessings, such as the rain.

May the Lord bless your lives with summery, spiritual rain =P


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