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søndag 15. juli 2007

Rest on Sunday

Sunday. Resting, watching the rain from my window, laugh at the sun running barefeet in the wet grass, spending time with God, sewing...

This have been a wonderful day. We started making cookies at seven o'clock early this morning, and continued eating them througout the day (it's not quite as bad as it sounds like, but nearly). In the evening, Ingvild and I had a little milk and cookies-party of our own.. =D

I've been sewing her a little key-bag to hang around the neck so that she won't loose her keys when she moves to KVS =D

I hope you all have had a truly enjoyable day!

God bless you and take care of you.

Yours sincerly


1 kommentar:

Ingrid Bettina sa...

hei. fikk kort av deg i går:) tusen takk! når du e tbake fra turen må du ikkje glømme å blogge om ann:D