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onsdag 8. august 2007


The roots of one three hugging another tree
Trees in our garden

Tea in the kitchen!!

My mothers very beautiful yellow roses
My sister finishing the last pages of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows"

Our hall with it's usual decorate of rosepaint

and my mothers bridal veil

A beautiful peace of furniture, inherited from my great grandmother

Ripe plums...
I just had to taste them....
Uhm, yummy! Tasted good they did too =P

Our magical garden

Our hedge..

A whole wheelbarrow of cut off branches from our nearly escaping plum tree

A beautiful weed that our neighbour is feeling sorry for spreading to our garden.. I'm not sorry at all =P

Pretty green plant warming the feet of one of our garden trees..
My fathers Lavendel

I haven't been writing much for a while, wich is simply because I haven't been ashore, where my computer of course have been. From July 18 to July 29 my sister and I spent our time onboard the full rigged ship "Sørlandet" and participated in Tall Ships Race from Kotka, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden. It was eleven amazing days, I have never done anything like it before, but I recommend it!! I woke up every morning hoping it would never ever end (yes, even that whole day I spent being seasick). But that's an other story, which I'll tell later (when I get all the pictures and such things), today I have a much better story to tell... Fresh news from Brendehaugen on Stord!! =D

Today have been, not a lazy day; but a very nice one! The sun have been shining all day long, I've been making cookies (which I like to do, and makes me happy), and my sister and mother and I have been home alone, putting stuff down into bags and boxes, so that we'll be ready to leave for our boarding school tomorrow (we're not starting yet, but we're going on a little vacation, so it has to be ready).

We also had to bring a saw with it's garden companions outside for some work. You see, yester day our very lovely plum tree (the best plums of the garden) decided to break free from where it had been standing for (I guess) so many years, and escape over the hedge and out into the forest, to go wild as they say... (I don't know this of course, it's just a theory). The only thing my precious plumtree did forget, was that it had roots, and roots are often very securely fastened in the soil. So, when we came home in the afternoon it was hanging over the hedge and out in the road with all it's thousand not yet ripened plums. End of breaking free adventure. So today we had to cut of all the branches hanging outside the garden. It was a heavy lot of plums on that three so I felt awful to cut such a lot off, but needs must, as they say. But, I hope and trust that the rest of the plums will grow and ripe as usual.. =P

I have also been running around the house and our garden to take pictures, as you can see =D

I hope you've all had lovely day!
God bless you!

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