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To His Glory.

søndag 4. november 2007

Min Bønn

Herre, jeg vet du er alt.
Du er min skaper,
Min Gud.
Ditt blod lot du renne for meg.
Du forlot Himlenes herlighet,
For å kunne elske meg.
For at jeg skulle kunne kjenne deg.
Jeg vil kjenne deg.
Løft hjertet mitt opp til deg,
La det møte ditt.
Herre, la meg høre dine hjerteslag

Å papa, hør mine.

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åslaug sa...

I wrote this poem on wednesday night. Just a little translation for those who don't read Norwegian too well:

My Prayer

Lord, I know you are everything.
You are my creator,
My God.
Your blood you poured out for me.
You left the Glory of the Heavens,
To be able to love me.
So that I could know you.
I want to know you.
Lift my heart up to you,
Let it meet yours.
Lord, let me listen to your heartbeats
Oh papa, listen to mine.

Thank you for reading, it's deeply appreciated =)


Eyesofwonder.net sa...

Very beautiful poem---thanks so much for translating. Much love to you dear åslaug.
xo Jewels

Deb sa...

What a lovely poem!
Thank you for stopping by ~ wishing you much success with your sewing and knitting projects :)


Rhonda Jean sa...

hello åslaug. Could you ask your sister to email jenny wren about the apron swap please. Thank you dear.

Anonym sa...

Dear Aslaug-your poem is very beautiful. I love the way you call our Lord papa-it is just so lovely. Blessings, Rose