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onsdag 28. november 2007

Precious in His sight

Today has been a grey day. In many ways. The weather's been rainy and dark, I'm not sure if we've had daylight today at all. My thoughts and mind have been clouded grey too. Not that I have anything to be sorry for, or since I have EVERYTHING to be thankful for, there should just not be any room left for beeing ungrateful. So I'm not. Just a little down.

I've been very tired lately (four weeks or so), I don't have the strength to do what I want, or should or what I do. Today I've seen a doctor, left my blood (not all of it, of course =) for a closer cheque. I didn't feel better off, though it was not my thought to sit here telling you all of my problems. I wanted to tell what makes them less important, what brightens my day so much that I can feel the sunshine on my skin. You see, one thing comfort headaches, sore throats, exhaustedness and a depressed mind:

The comfort to know that I am loved.

These days expressed through a song by Scott Krippayne: "I'm Not Cool"

Some people tell me that I look kind of funny

my nose is red and the braces don't work at all

they say the clothes I wear are all out of fashion

I don't fit in and should be shopping at a different mall

I studied classical piano when I could've been playing guitar

I used to drive an el camino and I'm not even sure it's a car


I'm no cool

but that's okay

my God loves me anyway

I'm not cool

but that's alright

I'm still precious in His sight

I'm not cool

but I don't care

how I'm supposed to do my hair

I'm not cool

but that's okay

my God loves me anyway

It doesn't matter if I know all the lingo

He doesn't mind if I'm not hanging with a certain crowd

some people still believe in building an image

but I am finding that's a worry I can do without

I used to wish I was athletic

but football was never my game

I made some friends in mathematics

but no one can spell my last name

He says that I am a one of a kind

and I don't have to try to be somebody else

He believes in me

and says I'm free to be myself

I can be myself


Precious, not "okay", "can do",


In His sight.

I'm precious, so are you. We're perfect in His sight. I don't know about you, but to me His sight is the one that counts.
God bless you all, carry you through struggles, comfort you through fear, sing with you through joyful times. Let Him LOVE you, the way it was supposed to be from the beginning of.

Like a father.


Cheque out the song "Carry me" by same artist too.

2 kommentarer:

homespun living sa...

Thank you so much for stopping by and kindly leaving a comment. I hope you are in better spirits and feeling well.
Wishing you a great weekend,


Lisa of Longbourn sa...

I have thought a lot about "grey days," and love your terminology! They lend perspective, don't they?

Last winter I was tired all the time, and got a fever every night. I know how you feel/felt (hopefully you're better now!). The doctor took blood, but nothing turned up. He made me terrified by suggesting cancer, though. Anyway, I'm better now, but I don't remember much from those few months, because I didn't have the energy to do anything except what I had to do. It was an exercise living in His strength.
To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn