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torsdag 20. desember 2007

The very first morning of the Christmas holiday

It's Thursday morning. I'm home. Being a child (or at least a growing up one) of the twentieth century means that you have many homes. I live on my border school in Lyngdal, and also here. My family moved five times during my childhood, and this was the last house where we all lived together. Now, as all the children (all three of us) have moved away, it still smells like home, looks like home and feels like home. I'm home.

This autumn have passed quickly. I've been feeling exhausted and things kind of just pass by outside my window (I do have a lot of fun watching, though). It's not morning anymore, it's dark outside the windows. The sun came, shone, and went away.

I've done nothing this wonderful day. At least it felt like doing "nothing". I've been playing piano, dancing, listening to music, singing, drawing, baking "kokosmakroner" with my very-much-beloved-sister, being visited by a sweet girl selling toffe and cakes, two boys played "ring på spring" (ring the doorbell, run away, wait until the owner of the house comes out, wait until she goes back in, ring the bell... and so on..) they got "kokosmakroner" and "mandariner". Dad came home in the evening and we had dinner. He brought presents (white, christmas tea), my very-much-beloved-sister and I watched a movie (Love Actually). Now everybody are snuggeled up in bed, except me. I'm coming =)

I've been thinking a little on what I am going to do next year. It's my first year, where I actually can decide for myself exactly what to do. To live/work at Lia Gård as a "husfolk" is todays option. I'll be thinking and praying over it (you're very welcome to pray too).

This holiday, I am only (almost) going to rest, try to get well, and enjoy =) and I'll try (really!) to post on the blog every day of the holiday. At least I'll make a try.


(makes 24)

4 large eggwhites

225 g sugar

250 g shredded coconut

Beat the eggs whites ligthly, blend with sugar and shredded coconut in a pan. Let the mixture thicken over low heat while stirring constantly. Keep on till the dough keeps it's form. Use two spoons and put in down on a waxed paper. 180 degrees celcius in the oven in about 12 minutes. Chill and save for Christmas =)

1 Thessalonians 3:12

"And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another, and toward all men, even as we do toward you:"

I read the Norwegian translation in the newspaper this morning:

"Og må Herren la den kjærligheten dere har til hverandre og til alle mennesker, få vokse seg rik og stor, slik som vår kjærlighet til dere!"

That's a wish for all of you!

I hope your days before Christmas will be special and that they'll bring you close to the true meaning of Christmas; The Light came down to enlighten our world of darkness. Our Saviour was born as a child, we're still awaiting Him 2000 years later to come back, this time as a King.

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