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mandag 30. juni 2008

Go to work!

I have this conviction that if I just write on my blog that I'm going to do something,
I will do it,
because I have to,
due to the cause that I've already said so =)

I might be wrong,
but today, I'll give it a try:

Now I have to go packing for Chicago,
and go through my closet, bookshelves and other stuff,
throw out what I don't need or use or like,
keep the rest.
Oh, don't worry!
I'm pretty sure that even if I do this twice, I'll never really be minimalistic,
but I do have too much stuff,
next year I'm moving by air,
means I can only bring 20 kg to my new temporary home.
I need this clean out session.
I do.
Okay, so off we go!
Have a blessed, blessed day =)

5 kommentarer:

åslaug sa...

Apron's fastened, I'm at work =)

åslaug sa...

I have worked all day, but I'm sorry to say I haven't got too much done... Anyway, I'll continue tomorrow =)

Marianne sa...

Since your post is in english I'll try to write in english too, just to check if I still remeber it after two years with our longnecked theacher. I wanted to wish you good luck with your work. I had to write in past tense because a thought in my brian came with the idea that I might be a bit late(Iforgot to check the date of the post). I also want to say that Nobelis is open in the holyday too. Hugs is unatural, therefor klem frå Marianne :o)

åslaug sa...

I very much appreciate your klem =)
I'll visit nobelis, and I'm honoured that you try to write in English (as you do very well) =)
Klem frå åslaug

Ingvild sa...

I think you'll have to learn the clock properly. 5.6 seconds are not really half an hour... And this post was definitively not five sentences.

But I do like you even though you can't count =)