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søndag 30. november 2008

God vs. Murphy's Law

I have got a new friend. Her name is Nadia, she is a sister in the Lord and she has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen =)

Nadia and I spent our Saturday together in Dublin.
We were looking for Christmas gifts, eating, saying grace,talking and walking for hours and hours.
It was a truly blessed day.
During the day we struggeled with Murphy's law (that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong) in our search for a cheap sandwich toaster.
In the end of the day we got a proof that someone defeated Murphy, long ago.
We taught eachothers a little language:

I learned to say God Bless You in German:
Sie gesignet

and She learned to say it in Norwegian:
Gud velsigne deg

When we went for the bus we were hoping to get the one leaving at 19.30. I planned badly regarding when we should go for the bus, and so we ended up walking fast, fast trough the streets of Dublin. At last we had just one big challenge left. A four filed road with two very inconvenient traffic light crossings. The time wasn't really on our side and I said to Nadia:

"If we catch this bus it's probably by the grace of God.

But, I added, that doesn't matter, cause we believe in the grace of God!"

We decided to try to run across the road when there were no cars. Nadia got safely over, but I hesitated too long and therefore couldn't come over. I ran over to the traffic light and crossed the street properly. We both ran in to the bus station, my eyes searched the electric board to see what gate our bus would be in and even if the bord said it was departed, we ran to gate 10.
The bus was departed.
I was so disappointed, but thinking that maybe God for some reason wanted us to remain here. We went over to the shelves with time tables and discussed what to do now, and then,
the miracle happened.
The bus 120 to Edenderry was suddenly standing at gate 10!
The departed bus had somehow returned or maybe it never was departed I don't know. But I'm quite sure it just dropped down from the sky. Later I think we must have been quite a sight. Eyes wide with surprize and amazement and repeating time after time
"I can't believe we caught the bus!"
"This was truly by the grace of God..."

After all, it's only a bus?

Oh no, it's so much more. This was really big to me. I'm not sure why.
But oh, I'm so surprized.
I mean, my God is the God who created Heaven and Earth,
the universe and the billions of galaxies,
He's the God who sent His own son to Earth and let Him die on a cross
and then proved that He was Lord even over Death.
He's the God who singlehandedly performed all the miracles in the Bible,
who performed miracles in the lives of Christians who believed His power, all up through these 2000 years.
After all this, you'd think a departed bus should be a little too much, right?

All I know is that God definitely defeated Murphy.
But actually, it's old news.
God defeated Murphy 2000 years ago, by giving His life on a cross and rise on the third day. He defeated Murphy's law, the law of sin, the law of death, and even the law of natural.
He is the God of the supernatural.

Nadia said later that if we had been Americans we would have made a movie about this. I laughed, and since I'm just Norwegian, I blog about it. In English.

May you all have peace,

4 kommentarer:

Marita sa...

Så koseligt at du har fått kontakt me ei nå :) Glede me te jul :D

Marianne sa...

For den som leitar fins det ikkje berre motgang.

Eg vil ønskja deg ei gode ventetid. Snart kjem du heim til Noreg. Det gler eg meg til. :o)

Å blogga er ikkje norsk. Du kan til dømes logga i staden for. Viss me skal gjera slik som det engelske ordet blir det tlogga eller vlogga. Litt stress kanskje.

Ein stor virtuell klem frå Marianne.

SamanthaMarie sa...

This was absolutely amazing my blogging buddy!
Thank you so much for sharing this story. It's a good reminder that EVERYTHING I think is HARD God has defeated.
I'm going to try to remember this the rest of the week, the rest of my life... times are hard.

New friends a wonderful blessing. (: I'm glad you have made another one!

Take care!!

Ingvild sa...

Hvordan har det seg at jeg skjekker bloggen din hver gang jeg er i nærheten av et nettverk, og venter og venter på oppdateringer, og så når det er tentamensuke og alle nettverkene er skrudd av og alle dataene vekke, så kommer det plutselig tre nye innlegg! =P

Enig med Marianne, at å blogge er et ord som ikke hører hjemme i det norske spåket. Ja til logging! =D

Jeg er glad du rakk bussen din =)