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onsdag 19. november 2008

I eat my breakfast, and it makes me cry…

I eat my breakfast and I read a quote.
John Donne said,
Ignorance is not only the drowsiness, the silliness, but the wickedness of the
soul. The cruelest man alive could not sit at his feast unless he sat blindfolded.

I eat my breakfast,
it makes my eyes go wet with tears when I know that
143 millions orphans around the world are
and alone.

I eat my lunch,
And it tears at my heart to know that
25 000 women,
and children
will die from hunger during this day.

I eat my dinner,
and I know
that 27 million men,
and children are
bound in slavery. No rights, no mercy, no life.

I go about my day,
seeing the faces of imprisoned,
hearing the heart wrenching cries from lonely and sick.
I remember the foreigners in my neighbourhood,
without network or friends.

My supper is on the table and I still cry.
I can’t eat with my eyes open wide.

It might be tempting to ask;

Lord, why are you even allowing this?

When what we really should ask is; Lord, why are we allowing it.

How much have I allowed to happen today,
simply by closing my eyes?
simply by refusing to see?
simply by not telling others about the needs I have heard of?
simply by not being willing to give up my life for them?

My heart could never bear it if I knew.

3 kommentarer:

Ronda sa...

What a tender heart you have.
What stirring words you have shared, that have caused me to think.
Love & Prayers,

Anonym sa...

konne nesten kopiert den eg:) e nettopp derfor eg har lyst te å *redda verden*
glede meg te du komme te norge igjen foresten:)
klem klem <3

Camilla sa...

Du... kommer du tidlig t Bergen den 15.?