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lørdag 8. november 2008

Ninth Day of the Challenge

Jeremiah chapter 25-27
What it meant to me:
Jeremiah has now spoken the Truth to the people of Israel for twenty three years. And now he says again that the cities and towns of Israel shall be ruined. But that after 70 years God will punish the Babylonians for their evil deeds towards God’s people, and ruin their land as well. Then the Isralites will be set free. I can just imagine that quite a lot of people thought (and probably said it to him as well) “Well, now this Jeremiah has treathened us with destruction for more than twenty years, when is it really going to happen?” I bet they mocked him.
There was an other prophet, speaking the words of the living God, Uriah. He was treathened by the king, who wanted him dead. He was frightened and ran away to Egypt. But the kings men chased him and found him and brought him back to Israel, were he was killed. I remember God’s word to Jeremiah when He first called him; Don’t be afraid of them, but trust me, or I will make you afraid of them. To be afraid is to distrust God. Well, in that case I really don’t trust God at all. Perhaps I should?

Peace to you,

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