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lørdag 8. november 2008

Eighth Day of the Challenge

Jeremiah 22-24
What it meant to me:
God ask Jeremia to go to the king and again tell him to do right and not wrong. To rescue the robbed from the robber’s hand, to be kind and friendly and true to the people moving in to the country and others that are weak (widows and orphans). If they do they can live in their house, if not, God will tear it down. I guess the same counts for me. I don’t think God ever stopped caring for orphans, widows and foreigners.
God critisises for building great halls and letting the people work for no wages. The king’s father did also have food and drinks, but at the same time he did what was right. And it served him well. He cared for the rights of people who couldn’t speak for themselves. And God says: Isn’t that to have knowledge to me? Yes, I’d think so.
Another verse that made me think was about like this, I spoke to you when you were safe, but you told me you didn’t want to listen. It was your habit from youth not to obey me. How easy it is to ignore God when all is well. How easy it is to make it a habit not to obey Him. No wonder God so often uses pain to bring us closer to Him, we don’t really listen when He doesn’t?
There is a prophecy of Jesus. A prophecy of a righteous king that will rule with wisdom and save Juda, Israel shall live in safety. His name shall be “The Lord, our righteousness”. No wonder they expected a king…
There are curses over priests and prophets that does not seek God’s counsel or listen to His words, but instead speak of their own thoughts and make up dreams and tell the people it’s from the Lord. I think we have just a few cases of that today as well…
God says to Jeremiah that He have mercy with the captives from Judah in a foreign land and wants to bring them back to the land of their birth. He wants to give them a heart so that they can know Him, and understand that He is the Lord. They shall be His people, and He shall be their God, when they repent and turn to Him with all their heart. Oh how I want to be His people, to be given a heart that can know Him and understand that He is the Lord. I want to repent and turn to Him with all my heart.

Peace to you,

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