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lørdag 8. november 2008

Seventh Day of the Challenge

Jeremiah 19-21
What it meant to me:
Jeremiah buys a jar from the potter, on God’s command and bring some elders and priests out into a valley to prophesy. God says that when they gave their sons and daughters as burnt offerings to heathen gods, that was nothing He had asked them to do, it was never on His mind. Makes me think should we never do anything God didn’t ask us to do, or not what was never on His mind, or should we just not do what He told us not to do. Or all of it?
Jeremiah breaks the jar and says to them that God will break this people and this city as the jar; so that it won’t ever be the same again.
Jeremiah is punished for saying a prophecy in the temple, and is whipped. The next day, when he is released he tells the priest, who ordered his whipping, that the Lord does not call him by his name anymore, but calls him “The man who lives in terror”. I’m amazed that even if the people of Israel were so many and did so much wrong (like the people of the Earth is so many and and does so much wrong), God still sees all the induviduals. He knows all thoughts and every attitude of heart in EVERY SINGLE PERSON of the people of Israel, even if they’re mostly referred to as “the people”.
Jeremiah speaks of how when God called him, he couldn’t refuse, and even when he faced tribulation and wanted to stop knowing God and speak His word, he couldn’t. It was like a fire within Him. I want that fire within me. I want to not be able to spend a single second without focusing on God. Lord I pray.

Jeremiah also curse the day he was born, and he praises the Lord and sing songs of worship (recites at least). What an attitude =) Our God is worthy of praise under all circumstances.

Peace to you,

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