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lørdag 8. november 2008

Sixth Day of the Challenge

Jeremiah 16-18
What it meant to me:
The Lord tells Jeremiah not to take a wife or get children in his country, because children born, mothers giving birth to them and fathers raising them in the land of Israel shall have a painful death and none will bury them, their bodies shall lay on the ground and rot. It was a great shame not to be buried.
Further, the Lord orders him not to go to parties or funerals, cause God have taken His peace away from this people. And Jeremiah shall tell them about it.
God asks him to go to the potter’s house. He sees how the potter shapes the clay into jars and mugs. Whenever something didn’t turn out as it should, he did it all over again. And God tells him that it is in the same way He rules over Israel; He treathens a people with ruin, but if they repent from their evil, He change His mind and saves them from the evil He was planning against them. In the same way, if He promises a people to build up and plant, if they do what is evil in the eyes of the Lord, he withdraw His promise and refuse to do the good things He had planned. It reminds me that I am potty in His hands. I have no life of my own, I am what He is shaping me into, according to His good will.

Peace to you,

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