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lørdag 8. november 2008

Fifth Day of the Challenge

Jeremiah 13-15

What it meant to me:
Like a belt around the waist of a man, have God drawn the people of Israel and Juda close to Himself, so they (and we) would be His people, His glory, praise and adornment. To be the adornment of the King of Kings, who could ever dream of more? A better compliment?
God calls again and again the people to turn back to Him, to listen to Him and let pride go. Before it’s too late. I think I have a lot to learn from that; to listen to God and let pride go. I have a tendency to always think I can do things all by myself. And when I see that I can’t, I struggle hard with letting go of pride and listen to God for what I should do next. Also when His plans contains that I fail to succeed in something important. It’s hard to turn to Him then, and be happy about hurt pride.
In the last chapter God speaks through Jeremiah of how the ruin of the land and people of Israel shall be to scare for all the rest of the world. Everything that used to mean something is gone, there shall only be fright and terror.
Jeremiah suffers persecution, but God saves Him when he repent.

Peace to you,

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