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To His Glory.

fredag 24. september 2010

I did it =)

I packed three suitcases
full of all my stuff
(well, a tenth or so of my original pile of stuff,
but my Piglet&I managed to shrink it!)
For the first time in 10 months "packing my suitcases" is not
on my to-do-list.
And now I'm all done.
Leaving my parents' home Sunday night,
staying with friends 8 hours away the last few days
before leaving,
STILL WAITING for a call, for the visa to get ready
In less than two weeks (God willing) I'll say yes again, to my Ben,
368 days after my first yes.
I can't wait to walk every step of the way with him,
share all joy, share all sorrow.
The Lord is so *so* good.
I love Him so.
åslaug abigail

13 kommentarer:

Pom Pom sa...

I'm so happy for you! Safe travels, dear. I'll be praying and praying.

Anonym sa...

Dearest Aslaug Abigail, My heart sings for you and your life adventure with your dear husband to be. What a glorious joining of two hearts it will be, Praise the Lord. I will pray for you during your travel and upcoming weeks. May His face shine upon dear Lady. Thank you for sharing your love for our Jesus with me. By His Grace, Cynthia

Stacey sa...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your comments very much. And it turns out we are similar ~ you are going to America to marry your true love, and I came from America to Scotland, to marry mine! My husband and I wish you God's blessings and joy as you begin this new journey in your life. It has been a pleasure knowing you just a bit through your blog. I hope you will keep blogging as the adventure unfolds.

My husband and I also wish to say that no matter what difficulties you encounter, with God as firmly embedded in your heart as He is, whatever struggles you may face, together you and your husband, and God, will overcome.

God bless!

Stacey <><

Anonym sa...

I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful wedding. Will it be right away, or will there be a preparation period? I pray you get your call soon! xo

Anonym sa...

I am so happy for you two.
I 'met ' you first on Jewels blog and followed you to yours.
God has blessed you abundantly!
I will be praying that you have a swift and safe journey to your betrothed.
I have been waiting for an update about your visa and it is odd that me (a stranger) can be so excited for you, but I am!!

I am smiling as I write this.
God bless you,

Mrs. C from Canada

Rosemary sa...

I am so very happy for you both. God's blessings to you. Rosemary

Louise sa...

Dear Aslaug, I am so excited you are getting so close!!! Your bags are all packed....I will be praying that the Lord will give you Grace and Peace as you wait.
With love from Louise in NZ

Raquel sa...

Oh, now I am really excited. So just over a year - Wow, that is a long time. My God grant that you share more joy than sorrow. Much love - Raquel XO

Anonym sa...

Great Picture and I am smilling to see you so in love! Lots of Happiness


amy sa...

oh aslaug, i am so very happy for you!!! i cannot wait for more news. and i just adore the change in your header, my friend!

sarah sa...

Very, very happy trails to you! Your in-loveness sends me back to the beginning of our relationship....and it gets sweeter with time, I can assure you, although I can only speak from the perspective of almost 10 years together. The hard bits are there, of course, but the Lord Jesus guides us gently.


Miriam sa...

Så bra Åslaug :D e så glad på dine vegne :)

Mrs.Rabe sa...


I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see photos from the wedding! I know it will be beautiful!