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tirsdag 5. oktober 2010

So, I left...

.....Norway last Wednesday
... and travelled all the way to America. in three days (October 9) I'll be getting married
to that handsome guy running up the hill towards me,
in the very spot I'm standing
(if the weather is nice that is)
Right now we (which is me, my wonderful Pigletish sister, ***** and *****)
are sewing the wedding dress,
Ben (and ***** and ******)
are working on our perfect, cozy little *secret* (to me), now I know it's a house.
Thank you all for praying me through this,
it's been the hardest year in my (very short) life.
I'm still getting over it,
but I'm getting better every day.
Thanks again.
åslaug abigail

37 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

I wish I wash there! Have a great time and the best wishes.And god will love you both. I am curies about the lovely house the make for you and James.

Greating Eveline!

Have a great day white the one you loves.

Mrs.Rabe sa...

I am so happy for you all.

I wondered if all of Rosie's sewing was for your wedding.

I hope you all will post lots of photos!

Sally sa...

I haven't commented before, but I wanted to say I am so excited for you! How great that all your waiting will be over so SOON!

I wish you all the best with the final preparations, and all the best in your new adventure!

Anonym sa...

I am SO excited for you!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful adventure! I hope you will post wedding pictures!!

God bless you both,
Much Love,
Tina xxx

amy sa...

yes!!!! can't wait to hear about the wedding :)

elizabeyta sa...

Congratulations! I have been keeping you in prayers that this bit would go smoothly.

Blessings on your and James' day on the 9th! Blessings on your and James' life forward.



rosemary sa...

Your sad year is over. Now, you are starting your new life with Ben. The wedding will be beautiful outside or inside. It is the two people and their love for God and one another which counts. I love the fact that you all are making your dress. I can't wait to see photos. Most of all, I pray God grants you many wonderful years together.

Anonym sa...

God Bless you both as you start a new life together!

Raquel sa...

Now that is a victory! Just thought I would let you know, I put a bit of something for you and Ben into a package I sent to Jewels today. I seem to recall reading something somewhere about your needing several large stockpots??!! For bathing babies and such, of course! Anyway,hope that it will help out some way. Excited beyond belief for you!! Much love - Raquel XO

...they call me mommy... sa...

Yay! Thank You, Lord!! Can't wait to see wedding pictures...oh pretty please!? :D Praying for beautiful weather and a wonderful day!!!

Dana sa...

Hope your wedding is wonderful!!

Can't wait to see pics of your beautiful wedding dress and the wedding, and new home!!

I've been following Jewels blog for some time and just have been in awe over all the journey preps the pics of your engagement and all.

Wishing many many blessings!!!


Pom Pom sa...

Oh happy day! Oh happy day! I shall be holding you in prayer, my friend. I can't wait to see pictures of your cozy little house. Here Comes the Bride! (That song always brings tears to my eyes!)

Anonym sa...

Today is our 38th anniversary!! October happens to be a very nice time to marry and I am SO glad you are soon to be as well. I have followed on Jewel's blog for a long time and on yours now!
Blessings for a VERY long and happy life together and may the waiting have been so very worth it!!

Anonym sa...

Oh, wow! That seems quick! Wishing you and your betrothed best wishes!


Katy~The Country Blossom sa...

I am so so happy for you!!! Congratulations! :) What wonderful news!!!! I pray it is a beautiful day and a wonderful union!
And oh my goodness...they are building you both a house??? How absolutely fantastic!

My husband's cousin is getting married this Saturday as well. So while I am attending a wedding, I will be thinking of yours as well and praying you have a most glorious day blessed by God!

Mrs. Anna T sa...

Oh.... I can only imagine how excited you are right now, only a couple of days before the wedding!! I'm sure saying farewell to your home was bittersweet... it was for me, and I wasn't leaving my country of birth behind. What a marvellous adventure you have before you. I'm not sure how soon you (or Jewels) will have time to update again, but you'll be in my thoughts.

Wishing every blessing upon the two of you and your union before Him in marriage.

Miriam sa...

Så bra Åslaug :D

Mary sa...

I'm so happy for you Aslaug and glad that your long wait is over. I'll be praying for the two of you on Saturday and asking the Lord to richly bless your new life together. What a wonderful family you are becoming a part of on Saturday.

Mary in PA

Chas sa...

I am so unbelievably excited for you!!!
Just giddy.
Praise God!
I am sure the wedding will be beautiful and you will be as well.
Much Love,
Chas (from Georgia) :)

sarah sa...

Your final picture is, indeed, a very Jane Austenish type moment...(I can almost hear the music welling up in the background)...many happy wishes on your wedding day.

Islandsparrow sa...

Oh Hooray!!! Many many blessings and prayer as you start your married life together!

Anonym sa...

I'm so glad that you arrived safely and have had time to make your dress and prepare your *secret*.
I'll be praying that all goes well and that the weather is beautiful for your special day!

Anonym sa...

I'll be keeping you both in my prayers! Hope you have nice weather, but the day will be beautiful regardless of the weather! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your wedding and your new home.

Annette sa...

Congratulations and best wishes to a wonderfully sweet couple - may God richly bless you both with many years of love together.
I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to following your new life together. Have a beautiful wedding!

Anonym sa...

Blessings to you on you wedding day! And many blessings for your marriage. I have found you through Eyes of Wonder, Jewels, your new mother-in-law. My prayer is that God will truly bless you and keep you both. May His mercy and grace be seen by the 2 of you forever.
It has been wonderful to see your story come alive. I just wait in anticipation for my own 2 girls to meet their love stories. May they be as blessed as you and your Ben. Happy October 9th!
Wendy from TX

Jen sa...

Wow!!! Today (the 9th) is the day for you!!!! How so, so very exciting! I am so incredibly happy for the two of you! What a fairy tale and beyond enormous blessing. Can't wait to see pictures of it all. My husband and I were married 6 years ago this past Sat. (the 2nd), so I know firsthand how amazing an outdoor autumn wedding is, not to mention *any* wedding to the man of your dreams. Congratulations ten times over! So excited for you and the life you're beginning *together*. God bless you both!

Louise sa...

Aslaug!! By now you will be married!! Congratulations and may the Lord bless you both in the years to come!! I can't wait to see some photos. Love Louise in NZ

FlauschiOhren sa...

It makes me happy to read your blog and it makes me even more happy to see that you two are finally together again after that long year of waiting! As it is the 10th of October today, you must already be married by now and I can't wait to see pictures (only if you want to share some of course)! I wish you endless love and happiness!!

Love from Germany,

Julian sa...

oh. so very happy for you two. congrats and so many blessings:)
Please continue to write as you get time:)
love in christ,

ps. jeusus knows me this i love:)

Rose sa...

I am so happy for you!!! God bless you both, Rose

Chelsea and Laura sa...

I am so incredibly excited and happy for you Aslaug!! You are going to make a wonderful wife to your husband. :) I am praying for you as you start this new chapter in your life. :) May God bless you! <3

Chelsea <3 (in Ohio ;)

moey sa...

Hello dear heart! Congratulations on your marriage. Have been enjoying the photos from your new family-in-loves very much! Can't wait to see the top secret secret (house), too. How exciting for you all. I understand some of what you mean about things having been hard for you this year. My sisters, brothers, little nieces and nephews, and my parents (and many other relatives) live on the other side of the world, in Australia, while I am living here in the US with my American hubby and six children. Waiting is hard, and when the waiting time is over, the actions you must take are also hard, even when they are good. I would love to help you in any way that I can, given that I understand some of the things you will be facing. Hugs and kisses, from a far-away friend :-)

Anonym sa...

hello aslaug
i have been following your story from eyes of wonder. i am so sad that jewels does not blog very much now her writing is so inspiring. congratulations on your wedding i cant wait to see the dress you all sewed together.i hope you will post some pictures.it sounds like a fairy tale and you are the princess .thanks for sharing your story. i am waiting for the story of how this all happened! its like reading a book with parts missing. you remind me of my favorite stories like little house on the praire and the waltons.
regards karen

Anonym sa...

Dearest Aslaug Abigail, I want to send a special hello and blessing to you. It is Oct. 11th and that means you should now be a wife and help meet to your best friend. It is such a wonderful surprise for you, a cozy little house. Congratulations to you both.

"Blessed is every one that feareth the LORD; that walketh in His ways. For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee. Thy wife shall be as a fruiful vine by the side of thine house: thy children like the olive plants round about thy table. Behold, that thus shall the man be blessed that feareth the LORD." Psalm 128 1-4

God Bless you. By His Grace, Cynthia

Marita sa...

Gratulera sååå masse Åslaug :)

Anonym sa...

ååhhh åslaug du va så utruleg nyyyydelig!! kjolen va heilt fantastisk!!! :D :D :D så veldig gla i deg <3

Anonym sa...

congratulations on your marriage. !have followed your story from eyes of wonder.please tell us the story and show the wedding photos!its like reading a good book with some pages missing!!thank you for sharing your pictures so nice just like little house on the praire (one of my favorites too :)