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mandag 31. desember 2007


It's far beyond New Year's Eve. All the firework have been sent up. It will soon be the morning of January 1st 2008. The new year has only lasted for a few hours, but I'm curious what it'll bring. For an example I have not the faintest idea of where in the world I'll live next autumn or what I then will do for a living. Anyway, I'll try to keep blogging, so you'll probably know by then.


May God bless this year, with health, peace, happiness and closeness to Him. May He keep you and those dear to you enclosed in His embrace and surrounded by His love. I pray that this year will lead us closer to Him, our lovingly Father, and lead us to know and love Him, trust in His wisdom and love for us. Be blessed!!

lovingly, åslaug

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