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onsdag 2. januar 2008

Four Golden Letters

I'm very thankful for living the life I do. I am blessed with a family that loves me, and to watch all it's members love eachothers in words, glances and embraces warms my heart more than anything.

Since experiencing not to have the strength to do what I want, this autumn, I've sometimes felt like my life have been put on pause. This has depressed me often, made me feel powerless other times and irritated me most of the time. I learned from a very good friend, to love and appreciate my life to the full. And since I did before I was ill, I know that I did appreciate my life just as much then as I do now that I have less of it.

This sounds like complaining, but it's not. It's more that I try to explain what became so obvious to me this autumn; when you have something in your life that you know you have appreciated to the full, loved the best, it's less hard to loose it. Because then you still have the love for it, and the memories from loving it. Love marks people. Loving anyone will never make them a monster (or make them never a monster).

God created the world.

God is love. When he created us, it was as an expression of His love.

We are the goals of His love.

When we accept His love, our lives get so marked by that, that we learn to love Him, and others. I would never accuse myself of being such a loveable person by myself. I know I'm not. I was born in a loving home, a home based on the words and acts of a loving God. God has loved me, through His love I've been sanctified, made pure, in His loving eyes I am perfect, precious. Through His love, often shown through other people's love and care for me, I've learned to love.

Love is the strangest thing. How come little children, unteached in any social or academical skills, love their parents? They're so little, they've never went to any love-school. But they do love. Strongly. Almost whatever a parent do to a child, the child will keep loving him or her. It's only later as they learn more of the world that some people stop loving. Those who have been thought the wrong meaning of love, will then avoid the real love. Those who have been thought the righteous meaning, will give from their love and receive more and more. But little children love from the start of. It's not a thing you can touch, nor see or hear. But you can feel and know it.

It's the first small inheritance from our God, a small glimpse of His nature. We'll inherit the rest whenever He returns, known best as the inherit of His Kingdom of Heaven. Must be a lovingly experience, probably not explainable in Earthly words. Still, I believe, spelled in our greatest understanding in those four letters: L O V E

To God is all honour, all my love to all of you.

Love your loved ones, tell them and teach them, love all the blessings in your life.

And THANK God for His love and all His blessings.


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Anonym sa...

Dear Aslaug-thank you for visiting. It is true that love is from God and that is why we know to love eachother especially our parents. Your writing is truly insprirational. Blessings, Rose

Camilla sa...

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