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To His Glory.

fredag 15. februar 2008

Lord, I would never ask for anything else if you would learn me to, every day, through every moment lay open my heart and life to listen to your will and do it.

I thank you for being my provider
My advisor
My loving father and creator
My best friend and lover
My redeemer
My salvation
My rest and my shadow
My defender
But most of all, papa,

My Lord and My God.

I don’t know my future, the way you do.
I don’t even know my own best,
But I do know, papa, that you will see me through it all,
And I do know, that you will guide me.
And I know,
That you do love me.
And in this love, which is so much more than our everyday expression, lies the secret of Who you are, and What made you create me.

2 kommentarer:

åslaug sa...

The poem is homemade, the picture is from the lake "Vermundsjøen" at Finnskogen in Norway(though close to the border to Sweden). I've been swimming in that lake, but it is not I who have taken the picture. Unfortunately =)


Robert sa...

Thanks for the comment.Nice sunset and thoughts in the poem.

I've come across blog articles that have given me a new way of looking at things.I enjoy getting new ideals to think about.