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mandag 6. oktober 2008

By the Table on a Monday

It's three o'clock monday evening.
I'm sitting by the kitchen table, cradling my eight month old little miracle in my arms. Rocking him softly to sleep. His soft little fingers touching my face, his beautiful blue eyes watching me more and more sleepily.
The five year old in the sitting room is in a Christmas mood and is playing "Oh! Night Divine!" (O helga natt) on the tv.
The three year old is in bed and peace is touchable around us.
My tea is all cold, but do I mind? Carrying a sleeping baby boy upstairs. More cradeling as he wakes up from the Christmas music as we enter the hall. Putting him carefully to bed. Watching his eyes close and his breath calm.
Going downstairs, snuggle up on the sofa beside the five year old, talking about Christmas. Helping her get the last lumps of chocolate powder dissolve in milk in her bottle of hot chocolate.
Smiling tired. Sipping cold tea.
Reading thoughtful blogposts on the internet. Commenting.
Publishing my post.

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