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mandag 20. oktober 2008

Second Day of the Challenge

Jeremiah 4-6

What it meant to me:

Here Jeremiah speak God’s word telling of the treath from North, what is to come (Jerusalem’s ruin and the people being taken captives in Babylonia) is told with great detail.
He also tell that God sees the people and their ways, he see how they choose to do evil and refuse to do good, as I often do.
He show them the right way, the way of doing good and reverence the Lord, but the people of Israel is stubborn and say “we don’t want to walk there”, just as I often do.
He tells them the truth, but they refuse to listen, just as I often do.
And even when He tells them of great dangers from the North (and yes, it’s quite scary) they won’t listen.
Then he tries to remove the evil from the good, but it’s not possible. Evil is a part of the people, they, in a way, really don’t want to come to Him and be rescued. So they are not.
The people praise Him with words, but behind their words are false hearts. And they try to fix the problems in their attitude in easy ways. Just as we do when we complain that there’s not enough forgiveness in the church, not enough love… What’s really missing is not enough hearts truly seeking the Lord, with all their hearts.

Peace to you,

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