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lørdag 8. november 2008

Third Day of the Challenge

Jeremiah 7-9
What it meant to me:
These chapter continues to describe how God has seen Israel’s betrayal in the way they live: gossiping about friends, false hearts, harsh words, violence, betrayal, lack of love towards friends and family and communiry and so on (quite like we do/I do), and God is so clearly disgusted about our behaviour. So heartbroken because we/they have left the path He has chosen for us because it is our best.
It’s told of a whole family, men, women and children, working together to sacrifice food to the heathen godess Astrarte. Reminds me of School of Astarte and “how to get in contact with your inner angels” and so on. And God’s response to this worship of her, is this: It is not bad because we insult Him, because we do not (7,9!) because we are ashaming ourselves.
Quite astonishing that God is this upset, on our behalf, but then again, He did sacrifice His life for us, so it shouldn’t (though still is) so surprizing that He cares for us. So many truths in the Bible is listed again and again, in new circumstances every time, from different angles, seen with different eyes, sometimes seemingly totally out of context. Just the same stuff, over and over again.
We should make a slogan: Get it in with a teaspoon: Read the Bible!
But to be serious; It’s a thing that is very very important for my understanding of the Word, I know, and it also there are more hidden depths of the Truth in all these new angles and contexts. I think I will learn very much from this, and change even more.
There’s a change in the wind.

Peace to you,

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