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tirsdag 9. mars 2010

Good Morning =)

Hello there everyone,
I'm just popping in here to prove that I am still alive and kicking =)
I will be posting in not too long, sharing with you GOOD news,
in the meantime this is the update:
I've been blessed with tendonitis lately,
which (though not allowing me to type much/write letters/do housework/go to work etc.)
gives me the opportunity to:
*stay home (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!)
*read the mountain high stacks of books I've longed to be able to read for so long,
but not have had/felt free to take the time to read
(I'm an extremely slow reader)
*learn to trust the LORD

Last night I read about an inspiring text about
being joyful/
have a merry heart/
being cheerful.
And I made up my mind to find three habits to work towards
(three being such a nice number and all)
I found these:
*Smiling BEFORE I open my eyes in the morning,
this way, whatever might meet me when I open them, I'll already be smiling, and I'll just have to maintain my expression instead of creating it =)
if you smile first, your emotions tend to follow
and a smile is just as contagious as a grumpy expression
(not to mention, a way more pleasant way to start the day).
*Smiling to my family when I see them,
a very dear friend of mine recently brought to my attention the brilliant smile on my face when I talked to a sales clerk, asking for directions to another store.
I have realised lately that this smile seems to be reserved only for sales clerks, colleagues and strangers. When I say hi to one of my family members entering the room I'm in, my face has the gravest expression and I mutter a short hi,
erm, not a greeting fit for my nearest-and-dearest...
*Singing a joyful-thankful-praise-song while doing the tasks I don't like,
Being joyful is a matter of choice,
I am sure I will not feel very joyful when at my next unpleasant task,
I am forced (by my own resolve) to sing a song of praise
instead of wearing a comfy sour expression.
The other thing I'm sure of is that I will cheer up from singing that song,
and that I will feel
more thankful
and joyful
when I start on the third verse... =)
If you happen to be one of those who plan to comment,
may I ask if you will share any joyful-habits you might have??
(if you don't have any you could make one today, couldn't you?)
To the rest of you,
thanks for reading =)
åslaug abigail

8 kommentarer:

Pom Pom sa...

Hi Dearest! I smile at myself in the mirror. I try to give myself a tender, understanding eyeball-to-eyeball look of love. YOU look radiant!

Country Life sa...

Hi åslaug!

How nice it is to see a post from you!! :0)

You know, sometimes it is easier to "let it all go" when we are at home, forgetting that we need to make more of an effort to be kind, loving, cheerful, etc. with the ones we are around every day, the ones we love the most.

We have a joke around here about the voice we use on the phone--you know, the happy, smiling voice we all use to answer the phone with. I need to remember that these dear ones should get the best of me every day, not the "leftovers".

So, one of my joyful habits is that I like to sing/listen to hymns. They help me to remember Who I belong to, but also how I need to reflect that same love onto others.

I also like to smile and laugh. And to get others to smile and laugh with me. I can be a bit goofy with the kids at times to make sure we're all cheerful.

As a Mama so much rides on how I act. I printed out a poem about home life and put it on the cabinet. It wrote of how one unkind word/deed could spread and effect the whole house. Chelsea came to me and we talked about how true that was, and how we need to be mindful of our actions/mood because so many people can pick up on that.

Okay, my dear friend, another long letter/comment!!

I love that you wrote this! So much to think about. We are all works in progress are we not?!! The Lord works here and there, pulling a little, stretching and tugging at other areas until we are a masterpiece, crafted for His glory.

Have a wonderful day, sweet åslaug!

~Karen in Ohio

Mrs.Rabe sa...

So happy to see a post from you! Sorry that you have had tendonitis, but happy that you have had the chance to do some things that you have been wanting to do!

How are Jewel's and the family? I so miss hearing from her - she was always so encouraging...

Happy Spring to you and your family!


Mrs. Anna T sa...

Sometimes being forced to slow down is truly a hidden blessing, even if it is frustrating at the time to not be able to do the things we have so wanted to do.

I have a custom which isn't really my private custom, but simply a Jewish one: immediately upon waking, I say a prayer of thankfulness for the privilege of being able to start another day.

It works wonders. :)

Rose sa...

Dear åslaug, I am sorry about your tendonitis! I will pray it goes away soon. When I first wake up I need to look out my window and see the outside~I need to look at God's creation~so I look at the tree's outside my house and watch them blowing side to side~or seeing some birds fly by, the sun shinning~or if I am up really early I will look to see the stars and moon. It gives me peace and joy to see all the beauty that our Lord has made. I can see the outside from my window even when I am still in bed under the soft quilt I made. Most times I will just stay under my quilt and watch all of nature~this morning the rain was pouring down and it was beautiful to see and hear while I was warm and dry under my quilt. I get such a feeling of peace from the Holy Spirit!
I see your picture and you look very pretty in your dress/jumper. Is that one you bought in Norway or did you sew it? You look so pretty in it! God bless, Rose

åslaug abigail sa...

Rose: Isn't it so beautiful to look at nature and think that God made it all?? The wall behind the head of my bed is just a huge window, and I'll look out as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. I love watching the sun rise. I love watching the stars and the pretty blue color of the sky right before dawn. And I love praying while looking out =)

Thank you so much for praying! My tendonitis is actually gone, and my hands are SO SO close to what they used to be =)

The "jumper" is actually a tunic over a skirt. Both bought in America =)


Anonym sa...

Just read this post and saw a few wonderful answers to the questions I asked you about joy in your latest post. These words were refreshing as well as the comment left by Karen from Country Life. Thank you aslaug.

Rose sa...

It is so nice that you have a nice big window to look out of! I saw a squirrel this morning running up and down the tree outside my window~2 birds were after him to stay away from their nest. It is amazing how birds protect thier babies! They fight off all kinds of creatures to protect their young. The tunic over your skirt looks very pretty on you!! I am happy that your pain is all gone, too. Have a blessed day, Rose